Our Favorite Interrupted Young and the Restless Weddings

Young and the Restless fans know a thing or two about weddings that just don’t happen. In fact, it happens all the time around here. People get married, but they don’t stay married. They get ready to get married, but then something goes down at the last minute and everyone is a mess about it. They don’t have much going for them at all the weddings. There are so many of them in which people never end up getting all the way through the vows and the pronouncement of man and wife, and that has all things to do with the drama that they all face. So, we thought we might take a look back at some of our favorite interrupted weddings. They are often the most fun to witness — from afar, of course. We don’t want that kind of dramatic life situation in our real lives.

Sharon and Nick

The year was 2018. The wedding was Sharon and Nick. They were finally going to do this after years of not being together. They were so good together. They were so sweet together. They had so much to live for and so much going for them. But, then things took a turn for the worse. You see, her own daughter had to tell her at the last minute that the man her mother loved and wanted to marry was not, in fact, being very faithful to her. He was cheating, and that was too much for her. She ended up walking down the aisle in her wedding gown. In front of all of their guests and their friends and their family. She was ready to do this, and he was happier than he should have been for a man who was also sleeping with Phyllis at the same time. That’s when she decided to ask him about it right then and there. She left, gown and all, and the guests were all shocked and horrified that this all happened. It was a great moment.

Jack and Genevieve

Remember when the lovely Genie Francis took time from her other job being Laura Spencer on General Hospital? Well, she took herself over to Young and the Restless during that time, and she made some big strides with people like Jack. They fell in love, they got engaged, and they planned their wedding. They were happy together, but it all fell apart after a while. And by after a while, we meant it all fell apart when they were at their wedding. She was ready to say she was going to marry him, and then there was that entire situation in which his ex-wife came into the situation and she shot Jack right here in front of his new fiancé. This, of course, put a slight damper on the wedding in that they could not be married. It’s hard to get married when the groom is bleeding out on the floor next to the bride, though.

Kevin and Chloe

Do you guys remember that one time when Kevin and Chloe were set to get married in front of their friends and their family, but that did not work out. there was a lot happening, and it didn’t make that much sense to anyone when things started to fall apart for everyone. There is nothing else that they could do when it seemed that she was found out for something that she was not willing to talk about. Her very best friend found out that she might just be responsible for the death of her own husband, Adam, so many years before that, and there is nothing else that we can say about that. All ready for her wedding with her groom waiting on her, she didn’t show up. She took off when she realized that she’d been found out, and Kevin had to find out what happened and how it all went down. He knew that this had to be something that Victor did and orchestrated, and he was not wrong about that. He found her, but that took some serious work on his behalf. But, for now, there is a lot of happiness for them.

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