Our Favorite Bold and the Beautiful Character Transformations of 2019

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that we love to talk about things changing. We love to talk about characters who came off one way and then changed in another way, and this year has been a big one for fans. These characters have changed so much in the past year. From 2018 to 2019, we’ve seen so many people change so much on this show, and we are shocked that it’s not a bigger deal. Maybe because it did not happen all at once. Maybe because no one has noticed just yet. Maybe because we are just so excited about the way things are going that we don’t want to talk about it and potentially jinx it for everyone else. We are not sure, but we do know that we love so many people around here, and we are so happy for them. We want to see the positive character transformations occur more and more, and this is a good start to the past year.


The moment she decided to make a change was the biggest moment of the year. She went through the same test again and again. She found herself living the same years again. She was, once again, in the middle of fighting for her relationship with Liam while he was stuck trying to choose between her and Hope. It wasn’t the first time or even the second time she found herself in this situation, either. She was there for many different situations just like this, and she was done. She wasn’t doing it. She was taking care of herself. She was putting herself first, and she was taking herself out of the ugly equation. It’s all there is to it, and she’s not going to let that stop her. She didn’t have much else on her plate, and that’s good for her now that she is dealing with the things that are truly important. We’ve never seen her look so good, feel so good, or make so many good choices. She’s a favorite of ours, and that’s all we have to say about her, her change, and the goals she’s been killing.


Bill. Dollar Bill. Bill, the man who does all the horrible things to all the horrible people all the horrible time. He has changed so much. It all began with Steffy. He told her he would be anything and anyone she wanted him to be. Then he promised Katie the same thing. He seems to have been wanting to make a change in himself for a while, and it might have everything to do with all of his sons. They are young men who are good. They are young men who want to be close to their father, who want to trust him and love him, and they want to be there for him the same way that he will be there for them when he finally gets to his own heart and realizes what is in there. He’s had the biggest change of many people, and we are loving his choices lately. He’s made us feel good about change, and that’s a big deal.


We will love her until the day we don’t, but we love her right now. We loved her when she showed up to run her grandmother’s company and she did it with so much passion and so much excitement. She was someone who was good to go for so many reasons, and she brought it to the table like it was her job. She was a Rockstar in so many ways, and we loved her for it. But, what happened to her old self? She came here so hellbent on making the entire Forrester family suffer for their horrible deeds and what she felt was her own battle after her grandmother fought it for so long. She was kind of awful, and we get that. What we love about her, though, is that she let that part of herself go. She didn’t stick with it. She decided to be herself, to stop letting her grandmother’s life bother her, and to start focusing on what she wants out of life. Guess what? That worked for her really well. We love her.

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