Oprah Tells Jimmy Kimmel Why She Doesn’t Have Time For Tweeting Back At Trump

Oprah might not be everyone’s cup of tea but while on Jimmy Kimmel she was animated enough that listening to her talking about the fact that she is not running for president and explaining why she didn’t have time to tweet back at Trump was engaging. First off the fact she’s not running for president in 2020 shouldn’t come as much of a shock or disappointment to many people since despite her popularity, her overwhelming popularity to put it correctly, and her capability to talk to people on their level and be understood, she’s still a talk show host and a reality star. The presidency needs someone that knows the system but isn’t going to be corrupted in any way by the system, which is unfortunate since we have yet to find someone that is able to meet that desire as of yet.

She was just as surprised her the fact that people wanted her to run for office as anyone, and was quick to state that no, she is not going to be running for the oval office in the next few years. That’s kind of a relief to be quite honest since she might know a lot of about a lot of things but running the country is not a setting that we should be foisting upon a reality TV host, wink wink. Instead her platform as it stands is one of the most influential in the nation already, meaning that she doesn’t have to go anywhere to be heard and that people will follow what she says regardless of what the current POTUS says.

As to the matter of her decision not to tweet Trump back after his blatant attack on her person after her 60 Minutes interview, it’s easy to agree that meeting verbal aggression of any degree head on is not a good idea. It doesn’t tend to do anything but allow hotheads to match words back and forth in an endless tirade that goes absolutely nowhere but eventually makes both parties look like children that seriously need a time out. Her decision not to fire back at Trump via Twitter is taking the high road. It might not be as satisfying for everyone but in her mind it is the way to take and no one can fault her for this. It is in fact the wiser course since feeding Trump the kind of hate-filled fuel he wants is like giving into a child that’s misbehaving rather than just turning away and indicating that their hurtful words don’t matter that much.

There doesn’t appear to be any Twitter war on the horizon between Oprah and Trump that might spark debate and controversy among the masses, and that really seems like it might be for the best since in all honesty it would be just another log to add to the continual fire that’s been burning since the Trump administration took office. Right now there are simply too many other things in the world to focus on to allow such a thing to take precedence.

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