OK We Have to Talk about Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

OK We Have to Talk about Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

OK We Have to Talk about Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

You thought you were going to see sharks in space again, didn’t you? Well, it’s close enough since it’s sharks versus aliens in this strange but captivating movie titled Shark Encounters of the Third Kind, and it’s enough to make a person laugh uproariously since if we thought we’d seen everything that could involve sharks, it’s obvious that we were wrong. We’ve seen sharks in the water, on land, in the snow, in the desert, in the sky, in a tornado, and now, well, we’re going to see them in the water again, but this time they’ll be going after humans AND aliens. From what the trailer shows it would appear that it’s going to be a free for all involving humans, aliens, and sharks. Yeah, that kind of takes away the whole excitement of it really since that’s pretty much it. There’s bound to be more about why the aliens are there and why the sharks are so super-hyper, but getting excited about it is going to be something that happens on an individual basis since the low-budget movie is bound to get plenty of people to watch but it’s definitely one of those that sits as a niche movie that kind of requires fans that are into the whole idea of monster sharks that are going to eat people for no better reason than because they taste yummy.

Years ago people might have thought that such low-budget stinkers as this weren’t bound to be worth much more than whatever money could be dredged up for the weak special effects, but to be fair and accurate these movies have actually drummed up quite a bit of interest since enough people have taken to enjoying them in a way that’s a little surprising but is also a lot of fun too since it tends to eschew the need for big, expensive effects and concentrates more on the campy and horrible nature of it rather than demanding absolute perfection. People like and respond to these movies though so there’s something there obviously that is enjoyed and is somehow able to keep drawing people in. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it or the feeling that they know what to expect and are walking into it without any serious expectations. That could be it really since if anyone has ever started watching a movie thinking that it’s going to be great and expecting things to pop off the way they want, it’s kind of disheartening to experience the letdown that comes from having built something up in your mind way too much. With movies such as this, there’s less chance of it happening and more chance of just being able to sit back, laugh, and enjoy the dang thing for what it is, not what you’re hoping it would be.

When you figure out the whole idea that the aliens and the sharks are working together, and this is why the underwater beasts are so aggressive, it gets better since there’s no need to hide the fact since it’s bound to be thrust upon the audience in a very big and undeniable fashion. But as one might guess, dominating something that’s basically a giant eating machine isn’t going to end well since no animal in their right mind is going to enjoy being controlled in a manner that goes against their own nature, which would mean that at one point the sharks are going to turn on the aliens, perhaps with a little help from the humans. In other words, the story is going to be one that will seek the downfall of humanity at first and end up possibly becoming an enemy of my enemy is my ally, if not friend, kind of thing. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be friends with creatures that would find us to be prime targets if we tasted any better. The fact that most sharks don’t actively hunt humans is largely because we’re not a part of their natural diet and, despite the fact that some of them feed on seals and sea lions, it’s been said more than once that they don’t like the taste of us. But the fact that they look scary and will attack for a few reasons is enough to keep people afraid of sharks, especially since in the water they’re about as dangerous as it gets, at least when talking about creatures that people can see coming.

The movie looks to be kind of amusing and it’s bound to be just as campy as it would appear and possibly a good laugh as well as something that people will be talking about for the next month, maybe. All in all, it’s the type of movie to just sit down and have a good time with since it’s not necessary to think too much.

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