Obi-Wan Takes on Obi-Wan in this Awesome Star Wars Fan-Edit

This is kind of an odd fan-edited clip but it does get the point across, kind of, since Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi is the kind of fight that might last for a while simply because the Jedi Master is one of the best that’s ever been seen in the Star Wars franchise. The funny thing about Kenobi though is that he’s been a bit underrated for a long time, and while people might want to argue about that the fact is that the flashy, more aggressive Jedi have usually taken center stage while Kenobi has been content to be who he is and maintain the station he’s earned. As a younger padawan he was definitely hot-tempered and didn’t have nearly as much patience, but upon becoming a Jedi Knight and then a Jedi Master his character changed in such a way that one could honestly state that he is patience personified at times and has such a high level of calm that it’s actually irritating to a lot of people, as is evident in A New Hope when Han Solo finds himself growling at every other thing Kenobi says. But the fact is that this Jedi is a cool character since he’s not only calm and collected, but he’s one of the greatest warriors that the Jedi Order has seen in a long time, which made it hard to believe that he fell to Count Dooku so easily, twice. Let’s be honest and say that Count Dooku’s style was quite a bit different than Kenobi’s, but Kenobi is the guy that took on General Grievous, who was wielding four lightsabers at the time. I know, I know, Grievous wasn’t a Sith, and he wasn’t nearly as adept at lightsaber combat as Kenobi, but still, having to deal with multiple angles and evade and defend against four different weapons at the same time requires more than a little skill.

That’s why Kenobi deserves the kind of respect that he doesn’t always get, but is definitely worth it. Now, imagining a fight between two Kenobi’s would be intense since his fighting style isn’t nearly as flashy as a lot of Jedi, but the fact is that it’s insanely powerful when Kenobi really gets going and the fact that he’s managed to challenge someone like Anakin Skywalker, whose Force powers are absolutely insane, is a testament to how strongly the Force runs within Kenobi. Keep in mind that he’s taken on some of the toughest opponents in the Star Wars galaxy and walked away, no matter that Dooku did beat him and Palpatine might have mopped the floor with him. To be realistic, Kenobi is the type of Jedi that could take on pretty much any opponent that wasn’t considered a top-tier, OP character. He’s still a powerhouse when he really lets loose, but there are limits to his power and his endurance, as have been seen in the comics and even in live-action and animation. To see Kenobi go full-out and use every Force power at his disposal would be a dream come true for many people since the guy is a legend in the Star Wars franchise and has faced down some of the toughest individuals ever. But in trying to outthink himself it would be a back and forth battle that wouldn’t see a winner until one Kenobi finally came to the conclusion that it was either better not to fight, or that his counterpart had missed something that he’d just realized. One has to remember that in a fight with Kenobi the grand, sweeping attacks that draw a lot of attention and are very dramatic weren’t really his go-to maneuvers when he became a Jedi Knight.

Subtlety was a key in his combat tactics, as people should recall that despite taking Zam Wessel’s hand off in Attack of the Clones he didn’t go charging into the tavern she was trying to hide in. He also didn’t waste much time in taking Grievous’s limbs off since he used a subtle twitch to sever his robotic fingers and hands rather than go in for the kill. Likewise, when he faced Maul for the last time, the fight ended quickly when Kenobi, remembering the move that Maul used to dispatch his master, Qui Gon Jinn, countered quickly and finished Maul off instead. So a fight between Kenobi and himself would likely come down to quick, decisive movements that wouldn’t be executed with a great flourish unless the two adversaries were feeling each other out, looking for a weak spot, before finding a target and gradually a way to end the fight quickly. Likely as not it would take a while for this to happen since Kenobi isn’t the type to go rushing into a fight, but it would be interesting to watch.

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