How Has There Not Been a Teen Wolf Movie Reboot Yet?

How Has There Not Been a Teen Wolf Movie Reboot Yet?

How Has There Not Been a Teen Wolf Movie Reboot Yet?

There seems to be a fairly good reason why there hasn’t been a reboot of the movie Teen Wolf just yet, and it’s largely because those in charge decided to take Teen Wolf in a much more serious direction and make a series out of it. Aside from that however if anyone remembers, Teen Wolf wasn’t the biggest hit when it came out. The movie became a cult classic and was a lot of fun for those that enjoyed it, but overall it wasn’t the biggest blockbuster ever. Another thing is that you probably won’t be able to get the original actors back since Michael J. Fox isn’t doing all that great these days and several others might not have much interest, so finding a new cast that could bring back the feel of it would be kind of difficult.

On top of that, what would the new version be like? Would it be fun and campy like the first two? Or would it be dark and foreboding like the series? The Teen Wolf series belongs to the horror genre more than the movie ever did, and has gone leagues from where the movie left off. Remember that Teen Wolf was about a kid that at one point discovered that he was a werewolf, only to realize not long after that he came from a family of werewolves. Once he made peace with the fact that he was a hairy and very powerful individual however he got to the part where he enjoyed it and went a little overboard. At one point he relied on the wolf a little TOO much, and became a monumental jerk that his friends simply couldn’t deal with. But by the end of the film he learned how to rely on himself and the power of the wolf at the same time in order to lead a more balanced life.

Bringing Teen Wolf back in its original form would probably not be the best idea simply because it was more of a fun movie that didn’t so much poke fun at the classic werewolf legend but instead made it more family friendly. You can argue that this has been done more than once throughout the history of cinema and you’d be right, but at this point bringing back a werewolf in this kind of live action capacity seems like it would be a risky venture just because people have been subjected to the Teen Wolf series, which is anything but family friendly when you really look at it. So to look at it, the need for a cast would be monumental, as would the need for the right director that could make it work. The plot wouldn’t need to change much, if at all, since really the idea of finding out that you come from a family of werewolves would be kind of interesting still.

But overall it’s not likely that we’ll see a Teen Wolf reboot anytime soon unless someone can figure out the dynamics of turning a popular 80’s movie such as this into something that people in the modern era could get behind. It’s possible but not likely.

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