Unnecessary Censorship: The Star Wars Edition

Unnecessary Censorship: The Star Wars Edition

Unnecessary Censorship: The Star Wars Edition

Jimmy Kimmel’s Unnecessary Censorship: The Star Wars edition, is absolutely hilarious. If you have no sense of humor then feel free to turn away and disregard this, but if you love to laugh at something that’s being made into a dirty joke then by all means stick around. Honestly the manner in which things are bleeped out and censored in this clip is insanely funny since anyone that’s ever watched the entire Star Wars movie collection knows that there’s few if any offensive words to be heard throughout the entire series. In fact I think it’s safe to say that in Lucas’ universe there is no intimate knowledge of the same swear words that we know. If there were then you might have heard one or two of them over the years.

Even if they do exist they are few and far between.

The emotions that lead us to swear at one another or the lazy manner in which the words simply appear are still apparent in Star Wars, though the writer’s have been good enough to leave them out. But what if someone were to censor something that was completely innocent at the right time? You’d get this clip obviously, since each time something is bleeped out it makes the entire sentence and even the conversation take on an entirely new meaning. It’s odd how just one word can change an entire sentence, but it is amusing to think that people could be convinced that something else was being said by removing the word. It doesn’t work so well when censoring a lightsaber or R2-D2’s input jack however, since it’s still pretty obvious what they are.

Imagining the Star Wars characters saying something dirty almost brings back those moments from childhood when we would all go “oooo” with pursed lips and wide eyes denoting just how taboo those words were among children. Remember those days? A lot of kids don’t react this way any longer since language isn’t quite the closed-off thing it was decades before, meaning that kids are hearing everything under the sun by the time they’re in grade school. Oddly enough it’s been that way for a long, long time, but then the punishments for using such language as a child used to be much stiffer as I recall.

In any case hearing them from a well-renowned Star Wars character would almost seem like a serious breach of etiquette that would somehow diminish that figure in one regard and build them up as more of an edgy, rebellious figure that didn’t fit so snugly into the mold that had been created for them. Using actual swear words in a Star Wars movie would make certain characters far more likely to be seen as a little more real and even make them easier to relate to since real people, a lot of us anyway, do tend to use a few expletives here and there throughout our day.

At least if you’ve watched the films then you know that this isn’t a normal practice.

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