Nintendo Super Fan Transforms Flatscreen TV into Giant Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Super Fan Transforms Flatscreen TV into Giant Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been a household name for generations, providing wholesome entertainment for families and adapting to changing technology throughout the years. This has inspired many creative fans to enhance their gaming experience, as seen in the story of one Nintendo enthusiast who transformed his massive flatscreen television into a giant Nintendo Switch.

A Creative Gamer’s Vision

Gamers are known for their creativity and problem-solving skills, which are essential for navigating and conquering the challenges in their favorite games. One dedicated Nintendo fan, known as Suprman9, decided to express his love for the company by turning his 64-inch flat screen television into a platform for a Nintendo Switch.

Suprman9 initially wanted to have the Switch on a shelf at the bottom of the screen, but the shape of the screen wasn’t suitable for this idea. He planned to use a Game Boy Color console, but the square screen of the console didn’t match the narrow rectangle of the television. This led him back to the drawing board.

Nintendo Super Fan Transforms Flatscreen TV into Giant Nintendo Switch

Perseverance and the Perfect Design

Undeterred, Suprman9 tried a 3DS design, but it didn’t allow the screen to be freestanding as he desired. He considered adding an extra screen to make the design work, but the combination wasn’t right. Then, he thought of using the Nintendo Switch, which turned out to be the ideal design due to its center console resembling a miniature television.

The Switch was the key to making this project a success, and it already had many of his favorite games, including Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. However, the project wasn’t without its challenges. The Joy-Cons proved to be the most difficult part, as their curved shape required him to shape the wood on the cabinet accordingly. He decided to create curved pieces by stacking pieces of wood in a line on top of one another.

Starting with a large U-shaped piece, he traced it ten times on the same number of wood pieces, then cut, glued, and nailed them together. He used a belt sander to smooth out the sides of the pieces until they were perfectly even, resulting in a solid piece of wood that achieved the desired look.

To see the impressive finished project, you can find pictures posted online by this dedicated Nintendo fan. Embracing one’s love for gaming and taking it to the extreme can inspire others to unleash their creativity and ingenuity, leading to even more incredible innovations.

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