Star Wars Fans were Caught between the Resistance and the First Order at New York Comic Con’s The Last Jedi Exhibit

Star Wars

So who would you claim for, the Resistance, or the First Order? It would be an absolute delight to have attend this Comic Con in New York just to watch this spectacle unfold on The Last Jedi exhibit, but to be a part of it would have been even more awesome. Imagine the storm troopers singling you out based on a picture that had flashed across the nearby screens painting you as a Resistance sympathizer, and then a bunch of Resistance fighters, and BB-8 no less, suddenly show up out of nowhere and seek to spirit you away to safety!

And then of course the dreaded Kylo Ren has to show up and make things difficult. This guy is like Darth Vader with a serious penchant for throwing a humongous temper tantrum. There’s no hesitation as he goes after the Resistance fighters while the person selected is ferried through the ductwork behind the walls and off to safety. That would be such an awesome experience that I would hope those in charge would allow pictures or something, just to commemorate the memory of it.

Being a part of Star Wars in any capacity no matter how big or small would be absolutely awesome. Just being able to see this display would be great enough but being a part of it would be something that a person wouldn’t likely forget for a long time. For a fan it would be something truly special. How many people can say they got to face down  Kylo Ren and his storm troopers and joined the Resistance at Comic Con?

If you’re anything like me you already can’t wait for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s going to be such an epic movie that just thinking about it gets me extremely excited. The idea that we might learn who Rey is related to and who Snoke really is will be something as epic as learning that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father, and more to the point it will shed some more light on just what happened when Kylo Ren destroyed the Jedi Academy. Plus, this will be a turning point in the new trilogy as Kylo Ren seeks to erase the last part of his past that will finally set him free. The death of Han Solo was a hard blow for many fans to take, but the demise of General Lei Organa will be one that could send a lot of fans into tears.

It’s the natural progression of the story however since to move forward some characters will have to be lost occasionally. Did you happen to notice however that in the prequels weren’t quite as meaningful as the original trilogy?   This could be why so many people throw a great deal of shade at the prequels so continuously, since they could have benefited from a little more detail and explanation and not so much of the sappiness that the love story brought on. It was important to see the connection between Padme and Anakin, but not so much that it had nearly drown the second movie in it.

At the very least, the newest trilogy seems to have returned to the original formula in some ways.

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