New Updates For The Witcher Season 2 Have Been Released


There’s not much else to tell about The Witcher season 2 at this point save to say that it would sound as though Netflix is going to start filming this month in Scotland and Eastern Europe, as Ryan Scott of TVWeb has stated. Apart from that it does sound as though a new character is coming aboard as Carmel Lanadio will be taking on the part of a character named Violet, who sounds as though she’s a bit more dangerous than some would be led to believe. Henry Cavill of course will be returning to take on the role of Geralt of Rivia as the rest of the cast, well most of them, will be returning as well. Given that Geralt and Ciri just found each other at the end of season 1 it’s fair to state that there will be plenty of conflict moving forward as the forces of Nilfgaard are on the lookout for the young woman and there aren’t a lot of safe places for Geralt to head to since trouble tends to follow him like a trailing aura. Having read a couple of the books at this point, no spoilers don’t worry, it’s enough to think that the next season is going to be kind of interesting since the details that have gone into the books will hopefully mean that the seasons what predate the story will explain a great deal of how the original story came to be.

It’s pretty obvious that despite the critics, the people have loved this show thus far as the fact that critics have given it a lesser rating people have been talking about it since the first season came out only a few months back. The story is great, the characters are absolutely savage and insanely interesting at the same time, and despite the back and forth nature of the story it’s been easy enough to make sense of things once a person sits back and realizes how the story is being told. Just about every character has been entertaining thus far, though a couple of them have died off way too soon, so perhaps we’ll see at least a couple of flashbacks in the second season that will continue to explain the present, but at this point it would be much more interesting to see the project move forward and showcase Geralt, Ciri, and of course Yennefer and Triss, who have become big parts of the story in their own right and have a lot to do with the books. Okay so I gave a mild hint of a spoiler. But it would also be great to see the rumor that Mark Hamill could come on board as Vesemir might be true, though there’s been no word of it yet as to whether or not it’s happening. The elder Witcher would be a fine addition to the story, as he does show up in the first book that comes after the events of the show. Mark Hamill is a favored name to add to the cast, but thus far it doesn’t sound as though there’s been any movement on this matter.

As far as season 2 goes it does sound as though we could be seeing it release later on this year or by early 2021, though sooner would likely be better in the opinion of many fans that are excited to see what Geralt will be doing in the coming days following his encounter with Ciri. There’s also the matter of Yennefer and how powerful she’s become, and of course the continual attacks of Nilfgaard as they continue to search for Ciri and consolidate their power. The story of The Witcher has so many moving parts to it that it’s best to pay close attention and brush up as often as possible to keep in tune with the show so that nothing gets missed. It might even be a good idea to watch the anime that will be coming to Netflix, titled The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. This movie is said to explain the span of time that will exist between seasons 1 and 2, so it’s easy to think that thing will have moved forward in a big way from the end of season 1 and that we’ll even see Ciri at Kaer Morhen with the other Witchers and training hard to become a Witcher in her own right. Of course if you’ve read the books then you already know what’s coming if that’s the template that’s being used. In any case it’s enough to start chomping at the bit since at this time The Witcher is one of the most anticipated shows that Netflix has. Considering it even topped Disney+’s The Mandalorian it has a massive reputation to live up to at this point, and it’s a big hope that season 2 will raise the bar yet again.

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