New Loki Series Trailer Introduces us to Miss Minutes

New Loki Series Trailer Introduces us to Miss Minutes

Is anyone else stomping their feet and gnashing their teeth in anticipation of what Loki is bound to do in order to work with or against the TVA? It’s already evident that most people there don’t trust him since in the trailer it’s pretty clear that he’s mucked up the timelines in a big way and is being expected to set them straight. But the process to get him there looks a bit rough since a ray that can disintegrate your clothing but not touch your body and another weapon that can apparently erase a person from existence sound like great motivators to get a person to comply. But this is Loki, the god of mischief, and one can reasonably assume that he’s going to come up with something. But the look of disbelief on his face when he sees Miss Minutes, the animated mascot for the TVA, is priceless. To be honest, one wouldn’t have really thought that a serious organization such as the TVA would have an animated mascot. In fact, one can say that it’s a surprise that they have a mascot in the first place, but there she is. Plus, as cheery as she sounds, that’s kind of creepy since she’d likely be just as cheery when condemning a person to one punishment or another. Seriously, would anyone want someone sounding that chipper as they’re reading out the minutes of their life and all the horrible things they’d done? Now imagine Miss Minutes telling a person that they’re about to be executed, or tortured, or delivered to a fate that would make them beg for death. It’s creepy no matter which way it goes and yet somehow the TVA decided that this was a worthwhile pursuit when it came to creating a mascot. Hey, you’ve got to respect that devious type of thinking.

The funny thing about this is that Loki isn’t the biggest threat in the MCU, he’s simply one of the most devious since like a lot of villains he serves his own self-interests first and worries about anything else later if he does at all. It’s not hard to think that he’s causing just as much damage as Thanos, if not more, thanks to his meddling, but expecting him to do something about it is only bound to last for so long before he uses his intellect and cunning to figure out a way that he can slip around the TVA and do what he wants rather than what they expect. It’s pretty evident that they don’t want him having a weapon or being given any advantage during this upcoming series, but again, this is Loki, the kind of guy that can trick just about anyone if he’s given enough time and opportunity. It does kind of feel that Loki has been toned down along with a lot of other characters since in the comics he’s a little more vicious and definitely not as inclined to slip up quite as much, at least not in the manner as the character has now. But so far the trailers have been kind of off the wall and not entirely cohesive apart from the idea that the TVA is one of the biggest factors in the movie and Loki is one of their top priorities at the moment.

It does need to be addressed just what happened when Loki took the Tesseract during Endgame and where he disappeared to. Did the TVA pick him right after? Or was he busted trying to relax on some faraway planet while tried to decide what his next move was going to be? It’s kind of confusing to think of but it’s hopefully going to be covered when the show gets going since otherwise one can bet that a lot of people are going to be jawing about it online much as they are about the idea that the Eternals, who are coming in November with their own movie, just sat out the entirety of the Infinity Saga despite the fact that Thanos is a Deviant born from Eternals. There’s going to be a reason, without any doubt, but it’s bound to be something that some fans will shrug their shoulders to and others will feel outraged about. That’s kind of how it happens. But getting back to Loki, it almost feels as though we’re going to get explanations that will lead to more questions and then more explanations and then even more questions. Maybe that’s paranoia, but it’s something that the character tends to bring out in people since the constant guessing game of what Loki is about to do next is something that can’t really be ignored since it’s a part of his character. Even with a tight leash, it feels as though the TVA is bound to slip up somehow.

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