Netflix Lands Worldwide Rights to Next Four Duplass Brothers Films

Netflix has managed to secure the rights to the next four films that will be made by the Duplass brothers and it’s expected to be one of the greatest deals of the century so far. The independent filmmakers are going be busy creating new content for Netflix for a while it seems since their next film is going to be released later this year. The film is as of yet untitled but will be a collaboration with Ray Romano and will focus on the subjects of friendship and mortality so it should be an interesting film.

The Duplass brothers and Netflix first came together in 2005 when Netflix acquired the film The Puffy Chair and have since enjoyed working them on various projects that have seen the brothers and the streaming network grow closer and more reliant on one another. This deal will lock them up for a while it would seem and grant Netflix subscribers a chance to view even more of the Duplass brother’s creations as time goes on. This is one more acquisition that leaves Netflix poised to be the absolute titan among streaming networks as they continue to grow and expand their base of influence.

Bringing on some of the most talented producers, filmmakers, directors, and other individuals that are interested in making the network continue grow in leaps and bounds has so far paid off since Netflix is among the most dominant brands in TV today and doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon. The number of original movies it offers is just one more boon that is continuing to add to its base and the Duplass brothers are going to be doing what they can in order to keep Netflix at the top of the heap as well. The several films they’re responsible for jave already been added to the menu and now Netflix will be able to count on three more to come. Fans are no doubt excited to see this development in action and will be waiting with anticipation for each new movie to come.

The Duplass brothers have also served as the executive producers on a new documentary called Wild, Wild Country that will be debuting on Netflix this coming March, adding to their already incredibly valuable presence within the network. The limits to which Netflix can go right now don’t seem to be in sight, and the opportunity they’ve managed to afford the Duplass brothers and many others as of late has made them one of the most advantageous networks to partner with for many individuals that are looking for a place to showcase their talent and their ideas. It would almost seem that they’ve been stockpiling as many shows, movies, and original pieces as they can since the word has been that once Disney sets up their own streaming system they’ll be yanking everything from Netflix and showing it on their own streaming network. That’s a good chunk of programming that Netflix will be losing, but if they can gain enough to offset it then their future should be assured.

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