Netflix is Testing Ways to Make You Watch Their Content Faster

Netflix is Testing Ways to Make You Watch Their Content Faster

Just listening to the idea of Netflix being able to allow subscribers to watch their content faster is kind of odd since it brings to mind chipmunk voices and rapid movements that only a hummingbird would be able to follow. Maybe I’m thinking a little too simply or in the wrong direction but what Ryan Scott of MovieWeb seems to be proposing is that Netflix is simply trying to make things easier on the viewers since there is a lot, a LOT, of content on the streaming network that would require a continual state of Netflix n’ Chill, which would end up costing a job, a home, the subscription, and many other things in life since there’s just that much of it there. Every time you turn around it seems as though there’s a new show, a new movie, a new addition that people want to see or have seen and want to watch again. Netflix is acquiring new content like mad all the time and trying to watch it all is bound to take up days and days if not months and even years of time since the number of hours it would take to watch everything that looks that enticing tends to add up quickly and can become kind of frustrating for those with limited time.

But to be honest even speeding up the content doesn’t seem like it would save that much time since it might allow a person to watch a two-hour movie in eighty minutes or so, but how much are they really taking in at that point? We can sit here and argue about how different people process things at a different rate and there are many good points to make about how some folks absorb information and take things in as opposed to others, but the fact is that the average human being isn’t going to take to that much information like a living supercomputer as most people still need some time to unplug and get away from the streaming network for a moment or two now and again just to perform certain functions in their day. Netflix is great for providing as much content as people can handle as Ivan Mehta of TNW might agree, but there’s a reason why there’s a “My List” section that people can add to again and again, and a lot of shows don’t just up and leave the network since a good number of them are originals and belong solely to Netflix. Those that don’t, be they TV shows or movies, are still there for a while and there’s a readily available schedule that’s up most times and is updated often enough to allow people to know when their favorites are being taken off and when they might be coming back. It does happen that Netflix brings some things back because people tend to like them or because they performed quite well.

This idea of speeding things up though just sounds odd and while there are people out there that find the normal pace of a movie or TV show to be too slow there’s a lot to be said for development and the normal pacing that goes into any production since it’s usually built up and ran a certain speed for a reason. The pacing that any show or movie takes on is used on purpose to create the tension, the drama, or whatever else is needed for the production at that point. This is why some movies and shows are painfully slow and drawn out and others seem like they’re over only minutes after they’ve started. Speeding them up is all well and good if a person needs such a thing but it would seem that they might lose a lot of what went into making the movie and could possibly lose out on the full emotional feel of it if they simply speed it up so that they can watch it a lot faster than it was intended. Julia Alexander of The Verge has more to say on this matter.

I’m actually wracking my brain trying to figure out how this could be beneficial since there don’t seem to be a lot of individuals out there that could possibly process this much information so quickly, and because as quick as this can make things go, there’s still the idea that there’s just SO MUCH on Netflix that even this wouldn’t solve the riddle of how to watch everything a person wants without having to take months and months to do so. You’d almost have to be bedridden without any means of movement to just sit there and watch show after show, but even then a person’s eyes would close eventually since face it, we’re human, we can only process so much before we get tired, bored, or otherwise occupied. Netflix is great and all and provides a lot of content, but if you’re a responsible adult you won’t get to watch absolutely everything.

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