Movies And The History They’re Based on Compared Side by Side

Movies And The History They’re Based on Compared Side by Side

Movies that are based on real life events are commonplace.  They’ve existed since movies began coming out and seem to be increasing in number.   However, one thing that we tend to see more often than not is a dramatization of those events.   When movies are put through a screen test and sent out to focus groups, if the reaction isn’t sad enough or happy enough, changes are made to the script so that the movie is more audience friendly.   This is why movies “based on a true story” aren’t always entirely true.

But in some cases, movies take on the task of expertly recreating real events that were witnessed by real people who were either at the event at the time it happened or watched it on television. Now a new video from filmmaker Vugar Efendi takes footage from movies that replicated real moments in history, such as Selma, Jackie, and Catch Me If You Can, and puts it side-by-side with footage and/or photos from the real events.

As you’ll see below, these movies really tried to get it right and tried not to embellish in any way.   These can be considered true tributes to the real life events.

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