Movie Theater To Play Every Single Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ In A Row

Are you strong enough to watch a back to back showing of Game of Thrones? We’re talking 71 hours of nothing but the best of GoT from beginning to the most current episode, all showing one after another at London’s Prince Charles Cinema. All you need is the price of a ticket and enough stamina to undergo almost three days worth of one of the most intense cinematic experiences you’ve ever endured. Many hardcore fans would no doubt jump at this opportunity and declare it one of the best ideas in the history of cinema.

On the other hand, the marathon experience is something that you can’t help but think is a bit extreme since that means sitting for long periods of time. The theater will be taking meal breaks, but after three days of staying awake the mind tends to do a few funny things that might not be fully appreciated by everyone in attendance. People will experience micro-naps, they’ll even begin to hallucinate, and this could make the experience something rather unique and terrifying all at the same time if they can endure it.

This leaves me wondering however if the theater will find someway to splice the film must right so that the audience will only have to endure one opening theme and one credit roll at the beginning and then at the end. That seems like it would be a lot of work but it would certainly enhance the experience in some small way. Of course there might be those that actually want to watch Westeros unfold each and every time so it might pay to leave the opening and the credits in just to satisfy the viewers.

As much as I like Game of Thrones, and I do, it still seems like a lot to ask of one’s body to sit for so many consecutive hours without getting up and stretching. While I’m sure a few people might do just that I’m betting a few will pass out in their seats since the human body tends to need sleep after so long. Unless a person is used to staying up past all hours and can somehow revive themselves without fail then there will be many groggy-eyed individuals shambling out of the theater when the show is finally over. The only difference between them and the walkers at that point is that their eyes might change color, but that hue will be a bloodshot red rather than a crystalline blue.

Plus, a lot of those that attend, if not most of them, will need time to recover after that much inactivity. The funny thing about sitting and doing nothing but watching a show for so long is that it takes more energy than it might if they were attending a camp of some sort. One thing is for certain however, the most diehard fans will be doing anything and everything they can to attend this event.

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