Movie Review: Multiverse

What might happen if you came face to face with yourself? What thoughts would run through your head? Would you be ready to kill the other you, or let them live in the hopes that they would eventually find a way back to their alternate dimension? These are all good questions to ask since they’re the type of questions one might ask when presented with the reality that’s staring them right in the face. When Loretta, Amy, Danny, and Gerry go mucking about with an attempt to find a parallel universe, therefore instilling the thought that there are infinite universes beyond our own, they end up setting in place a chain of events that becomes far more dangerous than they could have imagined. Multiverse is an interesting movie to watch since it’s a big step above the regular Indie movie and is set on delivering a story that would ask serious questions concerning what people might do when presented with their own desires, fears, iniquities, and failures in the form of another living person.  But somewhere along the line, the acting does start to fade a bit, as was kind of expected. 

Much of it could have to do with the idea that the actors are relative unknowns, which isn’t a horrible thing for any movie but can affect the story when the acting isn’t up to par. Thankfully, the story isn’t too tough to follow since the whole idea is that once the process is set into motion, it doesn’t appear to have a set terminus that will come to pass as, by the end, the reveal is something that people should have been able to pick up on earlier in the movie. A lot of different features have an idea of what it takes to make a movie about alternate dimensions interesting, and a good number of them start out in a manner that is interesting and provocative. The problems usually don’t come until at least a quarter to halfway through the movie, and there’s no exception here. 

It would be up for debate as to whether or not this movie has any obvious flaws apart from the acting, but it is kind of easy to see how quantum physics might have been given a little research and a quick glance before this movie was created. The research needed for such a subject is bound to be extensive for any movie, especially if one wants to be accurate with the information they’re tossing about. Even when creating a work of fiction it’s a good idea to at least give the actors a script that makes them appear to know what they’re talking about without omitting a few pertinent facts. All in all, though, this movie wasn’t too bad since it was a lot more than some might have expected, especially given that it’s a movie that a lot of people might not know that much about. But in terms of being solid all the way through, there were moments here and there when the acting dipped a bit, and it became more than obvious. But the movie was good enough to get the point across at some point and let the audience know what was happening. 

The whole idea of the scientists’ alternate selves coming through to their universe and trying to eliminate them was kind of interesting, but it fell flat in a way since the feeling was that they were trying to be devious, and it simply came off as kind of odd. There’s no desire to bash this movie, but the lead female character comes off as a bit preachy, not to mention a little too aggressive when she really started going. In opposition to this, Amy, was far too docile most of the time. While she did serve as an opposite to Loretta and her acting wasn’t that bad, it’s still enough to state that she just wasn’t quite as believable as the female lead. On top of that, the two main male characters weren’t any better since they ended up feeling more like feuding best friends than anything, and this didn’t help push the story in a convincing manner. The overall gripe about this movie was that it had a good idea and a great premise, but the follow-through wasn’t as good as it could have been. 

It might be that I’m nitpicking, but there are times when a great idea gets bogged down by less than convincing acting, which isn’t always avoidable since it has a lot to do with who’s cast and what the budget is like when it comes to getting the best actors possible. Multiverse is the type of movie that one should watch when they’re getting into the idea of thinking about alternate dimensions, or when they don’t care and just want something to watch. It’s not terrible, but it’s not exactly a blockbuster either. 

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