10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mo McRae

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mo McRae

Mo McRae is an American actor who became well-known for his role as Leon Hayes in the film “Gridiron Gang” in 2006. He went on to play the part of Tyler in the FX television series “Sons of Anarchy.” The actor has a lot of fans who are consistent in wanting to know more about what he’s done, who he’s with and what he’s planning to do next. This is a very good thing because it shows that they care, and that’s good for his acting career, so everyone wins. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about Mo Rae, that we believe you’ll appreciate.

1. Fireworks went off on the day that he was born

Mo was born in Los Angeles, California on the fourth of July in 1982. We can truthfully say that there were a lot of fireworks going off on the day of his birth. He was raised in South Los Angeles. Being so close to the action, he developed a passion for acting. While attending Washington Preparatory High School, he enrolled in a drama class.

2. Mo had to choose between sports and acting

We also learned that Mo McRae was a basketball player. When the time came for him to enroll in classes for the term he was faced with a difficult choice. He could either enroll in a drama course that he very badly wanted to take or continue to play in his spot on the basketball team. He couldn’t do both because of the time restraints and commitment required for each. He chose to forego basketball and joined the drama team. This resulted in Mo landing the lead role in the school play.

3. Mo was signed with an agent right out of high school

Mo McRae had proven that he was a talented young man with some great acting potential. After graduating from high school, his career path seemed to be set. An agent signed him and the two worked together to get him booked for gigs. This set him on a very positive trajectory towards what was destined to become a very successful career in the entertainment industry.

4. He started out doing commercials

The first thing that Mo’s agent did was to find work for him so he could begin building his portfolio as an actor. It wasn’t long before Mo was seen on television spots which advertised for some of the biggest brand names in the world. He appeared in television commercials for Reebok, Nike, Visa, and several others. This got his face out there so he would be easily recognized by the public, even if they didn’t remember from where. The commercial jobs opened the doors for yet bigger and better things in the television industry.

5. Mo has appeared in a lot of television series

Most of Mo’s fans already know that he played the part of Tyler in “Sons of Anarchy,” but this was just one of the many roles that he snagged along the way. He has also appeared in early primetime shows including “Boston Public,” “Becker,” “NYPD Blue” “The Shield,” “ER,” adn “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” Since the beginning of his career, he has made more than 30 appearances in film and television.

6. He donates time to help others

Mo McRae is a celebrity actor who has a big heart. He’s a busy guy but he makes time to be present when there’s a chance to help other people. He was a part of the Assemblies in Motion program that uses poetry and music to help educate kids who are considered to be at-risk. This isn’t surprising though. Mo’s a great guy who enjoys helping other people along with way.

7. Mo worked hard before finding fame

Before Mo became a famous actor, he went out and got a job to support himself, just as most other Americans do. He hasn’t always been a famous actor, and he had to find a way to make ends meet. We learned that he got a full-time job as a grocery bagger prior to finding work in acting. He knows what it is to have a full-time job that doesn’t pay a lot.

8. He’s also a filmmaker

Mo McRae is a very talented actor, but this isn’t the full extent of his professional abilities. He starred in a short film which he also produced called “The Fall.” The film was entered into the Cannes Film Festival competition in 2008. We were impressed to learn that he has expanded his career in the entertainment industry to include acting, writing, and producing as well.

9. He’s involved in a Kids’ charity

We also learned that Mo McRae is involved with a charity that is called “Kids in the Spotlight.” This charity focuses its efforts upon kids who are either underserved or in foster care. They instruct the children on how to make their own short films. This is definitely something that Mo has to contribute to because he’s already made his own short film.

10. Mo takes an interest in stories about humanity

When it comes to the kind of films that Mo is attracted to it’s been made very clear to him that he’s looking for stories that tell some aspect of the human experience. He likes getting to the heart of the hidden stories about people that most are never privy to see. One of his favorite associated phenomenon in this experience is love. He acknowledges that this is one of the most complicated of all human emotions, but he’s fascinated by the dynamics of love. This leads us to believe that as he continues forward in his filmmaking career we may just see some amazing romance stories come from his creative genius, but only time will tell.

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