10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mindy Shiben

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mindy Shiben

Mindy Shiben is a very unhappy woman knowing that her own husband is not attracted to her. However, there is some argument that this is simply a chance you take when you sign up for a reality television show such as Married at First Sight. When you agree to marry someone with whom you have never spoken or met in real life, you are risking a lot. You don’t know if you will even like your new spouse. You don’t know if they will like you in return. You don’t know a lot and it’s not an easy place to be. She had to learn the hard way that finding love is not easy, even when you are already married to the person you are looking to find love with. With all of her personal romantic troubles in the public eye, we thought we might get to know a bit more about her.

1. She’s Not Happy

Her husband flat out admitted that while she’s beautiful, he is simply not attracted to his new wife. Even on their honeymoon, he didn’t want to spend time with her or have conversations with her or spend time getting to know her. He fist bumps her and that’s about it. He is distant, and he asked for space the moment that they arrived at their honeymoon location.

2. She’s 34

Mindy Shiben is not a woman who is getting any younger, which might be why she was willing to take the leap getting married to a virtual stranger on national television. She’s a 34-year-old woman who is from Maryland, and she was not finding love in the right places, the wrong places, or any place in between. She literally had nothing to lose at this point.

3. She Was Tired of Dating

In her life at home, she was finding all the wrong men. She was ready to go on the show so that she could get some help from the experts and the professionals who are there to help everyone find love so that she could find some insight into her own life. What did she did wrong? Why was she not finding the things she needed in a man? Why was she not finding happiness? We don’t know what is going on with her, and neither did she. She was tired of dating, and she was tired of not having any luck.

4. She’s A Figure Skating Coach

In her life at home in Maryland, she is a figure skating coach. She helps young men and women figure out how to become the most skilled and talented versions of themselves. She herself is a skilled and talented skater, and that’s something that is very close to her heart.

5. Her Parents Warned Her Not to Do This

Like any normal parent, her own parents were not happy with her getting married to a man she never met before. The idea that any parent would ever be all right with their child getting married to a stranger is a foreign concept to us, so we are not shocked that her own parents were against what is going on right now. They did not support her, they refused to do so, and she felt alone and unhappy in her wedding dress. They did not attend her wedding.

6. She Was in the Air Force

After she graduated from high school, she was not sure what she wanted to do in her life. She did know that she wanted to learn to help others, and that meant she was going to join the Air Force. She spent years serving, which also meant years sharing small bathrooms and tight quarters with virtual strangers, but nothing was more awkward to her than the night of her wedding when her new husband walked into the bathroom as she was taking off her makeup and saw her for the first time in such a state.

7. They Didn’t Move in Together

One thing that happens when the couples on this show return from their honeymoon is that they get to move in together and start their lives. She did not get this in her own marriage. Her new husband just didn’t feel it was working for them, and he didn’t feel attracted enough to her to want to move in with her at all. She’s alone again and they are not trying to work through their issues.

8. She Can Do Better

During one of the first nights of their romantic honeymoon, he immediately called her by the wrong name. He continued to call her Mandy despite the fact that she continuously reminded her husband that her name was Mindy. He’s not even trying, and you can see it in his actions. If you ask us, and all her fans, she’s someone who can do a lot better than this guy. His reputation is not a good one with the audience of the show.

9. She Was Very Attracted to Him

On her wedding day, she felt a certain sense of relief when she was walking down the aisle to meet her new husband at the same time they said their vows. She was worried she would not find him attractive or that there would be nothing there, but she immediately thought he was handsome, and she felt good about that. He is a trainer and a fitness model, according to his own biography, and she felt an instant connection with him, though it turns out her connection was very one-sided.

10. She Already Knows her Husband Very Well

She said in an interview that’s published on Radar Online that “He talks in circles and circles and circles and says everything while saying nothing,” she said of him. We cannot get over how accurate her statement is. The man has an empty explanation for everything, and we hope that he is now able to see for himself what he looks and sounds like as his episodes air on television.

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