My 600 Lb Life: Milla Clark is Depending on Her Children For Help


Milla Clark is the latest case on My 600 lb life.  Unfortunately Milla weighs over 700 lbs and is in need of some serious change.  Not only is Milla unable to walk properly as she is bedridden due to her weight, but she is also the mother to five children who she’s been “using” in a very poor way.  While they’ve been described as “enablers” on the show, Milla has in fact been enabling them to keep her eating habits alive and well.  Whatever she asks for, the kids tend to do. Be it order junk food for her or run errands, it’s been a complete struggle.

On tonight’s episode Milla must face the facts that she is not doing well and losing weight as well as working together with her children is the only way she’ll ever come out on top.   When Milla goes to the Dr. she initially loses 50 lbs and is encouraged that she’ll lose another 50 when she gets home.  But this time upon her return her children will also be prepared.  They’ve been visited by a registered dietician who has educated them on what needs to be done.

The dietician tells them that if they go out to get something to eat that isn’t on their mom’s approved list, that they should be kind and not bring it into the house to eat in front of her.  So far Milla seems to be in compliance.  Can she continue to lose the weight?

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