Mike Myers’ Dr. Evil Returns as Ousted Trump Cabinet Member

Mike Myers’ Dr. Evil Returns as Ousted Trump Cabinet Member

Can anyone honestly say that Dr. Evil would be any worse than the POTUS at this point? Well it doesn’t seem to matter since according to Jimmy Fallon’s show Dr. Evil has been ousted from Trump’s cabinet. That list just keeps on growing since Trump keeps on letting people go and bringing in new faces. It’s almost as though there’s been a revolving door policy put into place in the White House since Trump took office. Of course the only ones that do tend to stay on are those that agree with him implicitly and won’t bother saying a word against him. It might seem kind of childish to say so but so far that seems to be the case.

One thing is certain, if Dr. Evil was in office all we’d need to do is find Austin Powers and get him to come in with his mojo and make it all right again. Or we could just wait and Dr. Evil would probably defeat himself since most of his plans don’t tend to go the way he wants them to. In Trump’s cabinet however it’s kind of fair to say that he’d be the voice of reason. Let that sink in for a moment, Dr. Evil would be the VOICE of REASON in the White House. Scary isn’t it? All jokes aside, it’s easy to think that the president would need to make a few changes now and again to his cabinet in order to keep an efficient and orderly group that would have the nation’s best interests at heart when it came to serving the president. It was honestly kind of hard to write that last part, since the nation’s best interests at this time are an uncertain thing with the current POTUS.

There have been presidents in the past that people have genuinely not liked, and presidents that some people have thought should just step down. But the current president is a man that a lot of people thought should have stepped off the podium before the first debate ever began. Right now a lot of people are sweating simply because they don’t know what the current POTUS is going to do or say regarding their way of life and there’s no way to stop him from doing much of anything other than attempting to slow him down while others can find laws and precedents that he can’t change. In some ways halting change is not exactly a good thing, but in others it seems like the POTUS might not fully understand the ramifications of his actions if he decides to push forward. It’s the ages-old problem of how much one person understands another, and how much they’re willing to ignore in order to do things their own way without regard for the other person.

The thing with Dr. Evil being in office is that he really wouldn’t be any worse, in fact he might be kind of a step up. He’d lead the way to his own downfall without anyone having to lift a finger.

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