It Might Just Be Time for an “Ewok Adventure” Reboot

The fuzzy little critters from the Endor moon have kind of gotten a bad rap since their appearance in Return of The Jedi and everything they’ve done after that. They starred in a couple of standalone movies, had their own comic, and their own cartoon, but that didn’t seem to be enough for people to want them around. I remember growing up and thinking the Ewoks were some of the best creatures to ever be introduced even though they were not altogether popular with diehard Star Wars fans. This is when it pays to be fan but let up on the hardcore status just a bit so you can actually enjoy the more frivolous points of the film.

So what would an Ewok Adventure look like today?

It would be a chance to explore the forest moon of Endor in a much bigger way.

If you’ve ever read the comics and other stories you’d know that there was more to the Ewok culture than just their treetop villages and their god-worshiping ways. They had quite the developed culture despite the fact that it was a little more savage than others. It’s almost a downsized version of the Wookies on Kashyyk, but with less technology and much shorter characters. But there is a reason why the Ewoks live in trees, and it has something to do with wanting to stay off the ground. There are giant-like creatures in the forest that like the taste of Ewok, and there are other creatures that see the fuzzy little creatures as a food source as well. Staying in the trees allows them to see what’s coming and plan accordingly. After all if they could take out an imperial walker on short notice it stands to reason that they have enough traps in place to take on something native to their world.

A lot of it would have to be CGI-based.

During the original Ewok Adventure the special effects hadn’t quite caught up with the story line and its demands. Nowadays though CGI, despite being despised at times, could shore up a lot of gaps and create a spinoff story that would be able to showcase yet another aspect of the Star Wars universe. The monsters alone would be an awesome addition to the film and would bring a new level of depth to the Ewoks’ story.

We might get to see Wicket again.

Remember the little guy that found Princess Lei in the forest? That was Wicket, an Ewok that’s unusually brave and somehow still unerringly foolish at times. He’s the innovative daredevil that likes to do things his own way even as he tries to help out his tribe in one way or another. In a sense, Wicket is almost like a Han Solo of the Ewoks, yes I know that analogy is horrible, but without the benefit of an insane lucky streak. He usually gets into more trouble than he can handle, but has a knack for being around others that can get him out of a jam when needed.

A new Ewok adventure could be something that Star Wars fans might enjoy. Even if it’s just a quick, one time spinoff it could still be a lot of fun.

Remember this?

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