10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michael Bunin

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michael Bunin

Michael Bunin

If you frequent Metro Pizza in Las Vegas, you might have run into Michael Bunin since that is one of his favorite spots whenever he visits home. All the same, the chance to meet Michael in person is rare, so probably you have seen him in a commercial or on shows like “CSI,” “Without a Trace,” “Scrubs,” among many more. For someone whose career began at nearly 30, he has made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Check out a few facts about him.

1. His crush on a girl led him to theater

People in love will do the most stupid things and perhaps regret later. Michael Bunin found himself acting foolish over a girl, but had he not followed his heart, he probably would not be a celebrity by now. In college, the girl he was crushing over asked him to take an acting class with her. At the time, Michael was a business major but had no second thoughts about fulfilling the girl’s wishes. He joined theater only because it gave him a chance to be with the girl. However, once the semester was over, Michael knew that his interests lay in acting; hence, he not only enjoyed acting, but he also wanted to pursue it. Funny enough, the girl became a dentist.

2. He went to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) on a scholarship

Michael disclosed to Las Vegas Sun that his interests in speech and debate began while he was in high school. His interest had been cultivated by his brothers, who had been doing speech and debate while in high school and at UNLV. Since they grew up discussing issues, it is no surprise that Michael also got involved and he became so good at it that he obtained a speech and debate scholarship.

3. He went to the same school as Anthony Zuiker

Michael went to Chaparral High School, and so did Anthony Zuiker, although Anthony was two years ahead. Both were in speech and debate, and after Anthony graduated, he still went back to the school to coach the most promising students among whom was Michael; thus, they met. They have remained friends since then, so he might have played a hand in getting Michael to be cast in a few episodes of “CSI” for which Anthony is renowned as the creator.

4. He dropped out of college

School is not taken as seriously as it was back in the day when parents kept drumming in our heads that education was the key to our future and success. Celebrities like Ben Affleck, Steve Jobs, and many more have proven primary education is enough, and a college education is not necessary to make a living. Michael also decided that his studies at UNLV were not enough to give him the fame he was seeking; hence, he dropped out in 1996 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

5. His friends were jealous of his success in Las Vegas

Not everyone will be happy that you are making progress in your life, and if they had their way, you would forever remain at their mercy. Therefore we are advised to keep our lives as private as possible, and Michael learned to do this the hard way. When he took a chance by going to Las Vegas to start his acting career, he was lucky enough to book the first role he auditioned for in a commercial. Whenever Michael could not get the part, he recommended it to his friends, hoping at least they would get it instead. However, they were not as lucky, and when they asked how Michael was doing, he lied and told them he was struggling as well, although he had already found success.

6. He paid part of his tuition fee with poker winnings

Michael admits that he began playing poker when he was underage, and the habit has stuck with him in his adult years. Therefore when he can get away from the set, the actor still enjoys a good poker game, but he prefers not revealing this fact to those he meets in Hollywood. According to him, it has become such a craze that Michael no longer thinks it necessary to tell others he likes it. Having started playing at a tender age, Michael became a pro that by the time he was in college, he paid a few classes in his freshman and sophomore years with money he made from the game.

7. He booked the first audition his agent sent him

It can take forever before booking a role despite leaving school, friends, and family to pursue your acting dream. Michael left for Las Vegas, hoping that the theater knowledge he had learned for so many years would be put to practice. With no one but friends to rely on, Michael went to live with a friend at the beach. He, however, came to his senses and went to Hollywood since that is where the action is. The first thing he did upon arriving in Hollywood was to get an agent, and when she sent him on an audition, Michael’s career took off.

8. He is close to his brothers

Families have their issues that can drive a wedge between some members, but in the end, we cannot choose our relatives. Michael’s family has, however, stayed close even in their adulthood despite them being miles apart. Michael disclosed that he visits the brothers regularly in Las Vegas at least once in every three months. He even told Las Vegas Weekly that he had considered running a business with them.

9. He does not like some of the jobs he gets

Michael is one actor whose reputation precedes him due to his ability to make a commercial that would otherwise seem dull, funny, and appealing. He is an all-rounded actor who does not discriminate the job he gets, be it being on a kids’ show, theater, commercials or film. That does not mean Michael enjoys them all. To him, acting is a job like any other, and even when he does not like the character he gets right away, Michael has to find a way to do so to ensure he gives it his all.

10. Both of his parents passed away

Michael does not talk a lot about his parents the way he does about his brothers. The only thing he disclosed was that his father ran an audio communications business when they moved to Las Vegas. There is not much about his mother, but we know she and his father died.

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