Meghan Markle’s Ethnicity Has Become a Hot Topic as of Late: Here’s What it Is

It’s a sad state of affairs to know that Meghan Markle’s ethnicity has become something for the media to crow over when it comes to her engagement to Prince Harry. One would almost think that being an American would raise more eyebrows than anything, but obviously that’s not what people have been talking so much about. Instead they’ve decided to focus on the fact that Markle is in fact biracial. Her father is Caucasian and her mother is African-American. The couple met on the set of a soap opera while working different jobs and eventually fell in love and were married. Meghan was the eventual result of their union.

So she is half-black and half-white, something you might think is normal enough in this day and age and that shouldn’t be much of an issue. You’d be wrong unfortunately.  While a lot of folks don’t have an issue with Markle’s skin tone or her genetic background the media seems desperate to highlight such facts and push forward the idea that this would be something unheard of in the royal court. Typically you don’t see a whole lot of biracial individuals in the royal palace it would seem, but if things go right that could change eventually.

The rules on who can marry who when it comes to English royalty have been changed since 2015. What this means is that those who are sixth in line and higher to the throne of England when it comes to succession must seek permission from the Queen before deciding upon who they choose to marry. As he’s fifth in line, Harry had to ask his grandmother for her blessing. But seeing the impressive ring on Markle’s finger it seems the answer was a ringing positive. Which is at it should be really, since the heart doesn’t know much else than what it feels and in that vein should be allowed to do as it pleases in choosing one’s companion.

Markle has had to do and say much in her life to accept who she is and to what world she belongs. She’s had to endure racism and bigotry throughout the years and has had to see it directed at her mother, who was often mistaken for her nanny when she was growing up. Her parents eventually divorced for reasons that haven’t been given, but their lives couldn’t have been easy knowing that they would be judged no matter where they went just because of their union.

Prince Harry doesn’t care about that obviously, and it seems that neither does the Queen. Meghan is still an outspoken person and speaks fairly regularly on racism and bigotry and how it affects people in negative ways. But she is also an active presence in Rwanda where she is a part of the Clean Water Campaign. Markle’s goal in life is helping others and aiding people in working past adversity, as she knows firsthand just what this is like.

She’s half-black and half-white, but she’s American, and that’s all that matters.

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