Meghan Markle is Producing an Animated Kids Series for Netflix

Meghan Markle is attempting to get into the swing of entertaining people again as she’s come up with an animated kids’ series titled Pearl. The gist of the story is pretty easy to figure out since it’s about a young girl, obviously named Pearl, who is on a road to self-discovery and will use the examples of several strong women throughout history to help shape the way she wants to live her life. Much as this is a great attempt to educate young girls and bring forth another story into the world, the shadow of a doubt is already creeping up since whether it’s well-founded or not, the idea that she might be more of a copy and paste kind of creator than a genuine storyteller is already in question. The children’s book she put out, The Bench, has already been accused of plagiarizing another, similar story titled The Boy on the Bench. Like it or not, once someone is accused of plagiarism and doesn’t stamp it out quickly and forcefully either through their actions or some other way, they’re bound to be accused of the same thing no matter what they do. That’s why it could happen that Pearl might be accused of ripping off another animated series at some point.

It might not happen, people might finally give her a break and let her pass with this one, but the fact that Markle has been such a media sensation when it comes to her troubles as a royal, or former royal, it’s hard to keep track, means that she’s going to be held to a slightly different standard at this point since there’s no telling if she’s doing what she can to take from another story without giving any credit or if she’s simply trying to put a new label on an old story. Some would say that this irrational attitude towards Markle is unfounded, that she’s the victim of slander, but the fact is that those that simply want to live their lives don’t tend to go on Oprah and spout to the world their issues.

To be honest, if this series goes well and allows her a bit of success then it might be time to say the hell with it and let her be since she’s already become old news to a lot of people and was more of a news nuisance than she was worth when everything started. Pearl does sound like a fine idea, though the hope is that it won’t be a divisive series since the idea of learning from strong and important women in history is all well and good and should be encouraged. But not learning from men as well isn’t a cry that says ‘men know things too’, it’s a bit of caution to remind people that in order to create a balanced story there does need to be more than one perspective, and while faults for how things have turned out in history can fall on men and women alike, a lot of the times it does appear that men take the blame for many things. It’s well-earned at times, but there are moments when one can’t help but think that learning from certain male figures in history would be important as well.

We’ll have to wait and see how it goes on that front since the idea, as it’s been stated, does sound as though the male perspective, if it’s seen at all, will be very small and out of the way. If things are balanced then so much the better since there are a great many things to be learned by both women and men throughout history. The top concern right now is whether or not Paula will be one hundred percent authentic and not taken from any other source aside from the history books. Hey, if the woman could bring herself to create a book that was so similar to another, there’s nothing to say that she couldn’t promote an idea that might be a copy of another show, since there are plenty of shows out there that feature a young girl a the protagonist. It might sound like paranoia, and it could well be, but until people get to see it and find out what the show is all about it’s better to think that something might be up.

Of course, if nothing is up and it’s all okay then so be it and best of luck to them, since for all the hate that comes the way of Archie and Meghan it’s hard to say if any of it is deserved or if they’re simply trying to do the best they can. But public opinion is like a dagger really, when one can harness and wield it everything’s fine, but once a person loses their grip, it becomes a troubling thing.

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