Meet The Cast of Charmed Season 2

Charmed Season 2

Why anyone feels the need to keep remaking shows again and again is hard to imagine, but apparently enough people are willing to sit through another version of a show that they might have watched when it first aired simply because there’s a new cast and, as a lot of people are praising, it’s more diverse now. Neetha K of Meaww still isn’t convinced and I can’t blame her. I’m still trying to figure out how that’s going to immediately make the show better but it’s definitely appeasing the people who have presented the loudest and most insistent voices throughout the years but haven’t seemed to realize that if actors are going to be selected they have to actually know how to act and not get their parts based on their race, gender, or any other factor apart from their talent. As if this wasn’t enough, the middle sister is a lesbian and they all play Latina sisters despite the fact that one of them is Afro-Caribbean, one is Puerto Rican, and the other is a mix of African American, English, and Indigenous Canadian. At this point just using names must be too difficult since so many people have to display their pedigree so that others know how to address and think about them. At any rate, here are the cast members that are currently rounding out the second season of Charmed.

Melonia Diaz – Melanie Vera

The middle sister of the bunch is portrayed as a very strong-willed feminist and is also an activist. She’s a graduate student and as mentioned is an open lesbian that had to wipe the memory of herself from her lover’s mind. The power she’s been given is to freeze time, which seems like a rather dangerous power when one really stops to think about it since the implications for such a thing are kind of dire. Eventually though it was revealed that Mel is the half-sister and not Macy.

Madeleine Mantock – Macy Vaughn

Macy is a lot more practical than her sisters and is even labeled as a science nerd in a way. She has her PhD in molecular genetics and eventually moves to Hilltowne to work in the university. The revelation that she has two half-sisters in town is something of a shock but is necessary since the story kind of hinges on the trio getting together and discovering their powers so that they can act as the saviors of the town. The power she wields is telekinesis, being able to move objects with her mind, and once again it’s kind of a dangerous power to have but one that seems a lot more common in supernatural tales.

Sarah Jeffery – Margarita Emilia Vera

Maggie is the youngest and most upbeat of the sisters and she’s the only one of them that seems to want to hide what she is and not really embrace it as she’s trying to pledge a sorority and being a witch could ruin everything. Instead of having the power of premonition however as was seen in the original show Maggie has the power of empathy, meaning that she can read the emotions of other people and understand what they’re feeling and their emotional state at that moment. This is perhaps the most passive of the powers that the witches possess and seems as though it might be kind of useless, but it has shown to be an asset in past movies and shows that have utilized it.

Rupert Evans – Harry Greenwood

Harry is the guy that’s known as a Whitelighter, a guardian angel that protects and guides the witches when he’s needed. It’s kind of amusing in such a ‘woke’ show that there’s still a white male that is being used as a guide and a mentor for three diverse young women that are bound to become stronger when they unite, but it does seem to be introduced as a positive idea since he’s more hands off and allows them to simply learn the ropes on their own while sticking around to see how things go.

Nick Hargrove – Parker Caine

You had to know that there would be a demon presence in this show and that eventually it would end up coming down to being one of the love interests of one of the witches. Maggie and Nick obviously can’t stay together since he has to deal with the demon side of his being, but it feels safe to say that he’ll be back at some point since the two of them share something that’s not bound to be thrown away.

It would seem that as different as the show is striving to be that there are still a lot of similarities that are being kept for good or ill, and at this moment it’s hard to say whether or not it’s bound to continue for more than a couple of seasons. As of now season 2 has been approved as per Abby Robinson of DigitalSpy, but it’s going to have step things up if it wants to improve.

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