Meet The Cast of “Southern Charm New Orleans”

Meet The Cast of “Southern Charm New Orleans”

Meet The Cast of “Southern Charm New Orleans”

Have you heard about the new show called Southern Charm New Orleans? It’s a show that will be airing on Bravo featuring prominent well-off individuals that have been in the New Orleans social scene for quite some time. All of the people that star in the show know each other and by their own account, have been friends for a long time. With that being said, you know there’s going to be drama, drama, and more drama in the show. After all, that’s what these types of reality shows use to keep people turning in. This one won’t be an exception to the rule. With that being said, you probably want to know more about the people that you might be tuning in to see every week. Keep reading to find out more about the cast.

Barry Smith

Smith is a successful entrepreneur that has done quite well for himself in his various business ventures. However, he has more difficulty finding success when it comes to his personal life. He admits that his marriage is sometimes rocky and that he has some anger issues that he hasn’t yet successfully learned how to cope with. He even goes on to admit that when he feels like he’s been slighted, he’s not afraid to alienate a friendship.

Tamica Lee

Lee has been in the social circle in New Orleans for just about as long as anybody in this cast. In fact, she does local news reports about the entertainment industry and juggles being married to Barry Smith and having two kids on top of everything else. She also admits that she has some struggles with cultural issues, even involving her own family heritage. When you couple those issues with the rocky marriage that Smith refers to, you know you’re going to get a lot of drama out of these two cast members alone.

Jeff Charleston

If this name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he played professional football in the NFL. In fact, he spent four seasons with the New Orleans Saints. Today, he is retired from football and he admits that he’s beginning to struggle with some of the issues that playing professional football can have on one’s body. He also talks about loving animals and having a number of dogs.

Reagan Charleston

As you might have guessed by now, Reagan is Jeff Charleston’s wife. Things might get a little interesting between the two. While Jeff seems to be rather down to earth and well-rounded, Reagan admits that she has some very unconventional views, especially when it comes to marriage. She also talks about drinking a lot. At first glance, it doesn’t really seem like these two have much in common, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not they mesh well together as husband and wife, especially when cameras are rolling.

Justin Reese

Reese is an individual that does very well in the professional world but struggles with personal relationships. A lot of that comes from the fact that he simply doesn’t view these personal relationships the same way that most men do. Instead, he prefers to take things slowly and cultivate a more meaningful relationship before taking things to the next level.

Jon Moody

Moody is a successful individual in the world of art. By his own admission, he is his own brand and everything he does is about confidence. According to him, confidence is everything. Therefore, he makes sure that he emits a high level of confidence in everything he does, even down to the type of cologne he chooses to wear.

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