10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maya Henry

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maya Henry

Maya Henry

Maya Henry is a teenage model from the great state of Texas in the USA. She’s recently made headline news in the gossip columns as the confirmed love interest of former One Direction band member Liam Payne. This has given her public image a definite boost, as Liam has a huge number of fans who follow his every movement. They also want to know more about what he’s been up to these days, and this includes his girlfriend, so here are 10 things you didn’t know about Maya Henry.

1. She has an exciting modeling career

Even prior to hooking up with Liam Payne, Maya Henry was accumulating her own following of fans. She’s a professional model at the age of 19. Maya has appeared in several big fashion magazines including Elle Romania, Glamour, and Vogue Ukraine. She’s done a lot of beauty and fashion shots for these publications and she’s signed in contracts with several modeling agencies. We’d say she has a successful career going for herself.

2. She has a big fan base on social media

Maya Henry has an Instagram account. On her account, she has posted several photos from her modeling gigs. She has also posted pictures of herself with several famous celebrities that she’s met along the way. We saw that she has a total of 166,000 followers on Instagram.

3. Her family spent millions on a birthday party

When Maya Henry turned 15 years old, her family went all out to throw an extravaganza of a party for her. In fact, the multi-million dollar Quinceanera featured Pitbull and Nick Jonas for the entertainment and it cost them several million dollars when all was said and done. It became the talk of the town, and it gained young Maya a lot of attention.

4. She cares about others and is a generous person

Maya started a charity when she was only 8 years old. When she discovered that there were other young people in Texas who didn’t have enough school supplies because their families could not afford to buy them, she did something about it. She started a charity that was called Maya’s Corner. The runs the charity and we think that it shows that Maya is a very kind, thoughtful and generous person who likes to help others.

5. Her boyfriend has a 2-year old

Maya’s boyfriend, Liam Payne was previously in a relationship before the two became a couple. He was with Cheryl Cole and the relationship lasted from 2015 through 2018. The relationship didn’t work out and they split, but it did produce a child. Payne and Cole have a two-year-old son together, and Payne announced that they still have a great deal of family love for one another.

6. Maya’s dad is a famous lawyer

Maya Henry was raised in an affluent family from San Antonio, Texas. Her father is a personal injury lawyer named Thomas J. Henry. He’s well-known for his work and the family is actually quite rich. They’re so wealthy that it didn’t hurt them a bit to drop $6 million on her 15th birthday party. We also learned that because of her father’s status in the community that the family has regularly been the topic of local gossip columns, so Maya is used to seeing her name along with other family members in print. This should make it a little less overwhelming to be in the public eye now that she’s dating Liam.

7. Maya was popular before her 15th birthday party

Maya Henry has been in the public eye for some time and it didn’t just start with the big blowout birthday party she had. Even before that, her Instagram account was loaded with pictures of big celebrities including Lana Del Rey and Usher. She had met a lot of famous personalities prior to her father’s hiring of Pitbull and Nick Jonas.

8. She supported Hillary for President

We also discovered that Maya Henry was an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton when she was in the 2016 race for the presidency. In fact, it looks like she knew Hillary because there are several pictures of her with Clinton when she was the senator of New York. It seems that Maya knew a lot of important people from the time that she was very young. She’s a socialite from Houston, Texas.

9. Maya has acting experience

Maya Henry is somewhat of a celebrity in her own right. Not only has she appeared in a fashion show for Paris Fashion Week, but she’s also made an appearance in a music video. We recently learned that she is in the official music video for singer Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit “Old Town Road.” It’s a collaboration between Cyrus and Lil NasX. This makes her an actress as well as a professional fashion model. Maya Henry is very well connected with famous people including musicians, actors and people from the very rich and famous crowd. She was born into high society and it has given her certain advantages.

10. You can keep up with her on Facebook

Maya Henry also has a Facebook page where fans can keep up with what she’s currently up to. She currently has 5,242 followers on her page and she has received 5,158 likes. She’s uploaded the video for “Old Town Road” on her page, plus there are tons of photos of her modeling on the runway. She’s been doing a good job of keeping the page updated so if you want to know what she’s doing, or browse through older posts, the site is up and available for your perusal.

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