Matrix 4 Scenes are So Intense They Are Destroying Public Property

Matrix 4

Maybe it’s excitement for the upcoming Matrix 4 movie that’s causing Jon Fuge of Screenrant and others to exclaim over the$2,000 worth of damage that has been done so far during filming but it’s not hard to understand that feeling since many people are already on board for another jaunt into the digital world. Practical effects are still obviously going to play a part in the movie however, though there’s still the idea of just how Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss will be taking up their roles unless there’s been some radical shift in the Matrix and what happened in the last movie has somehow been undone. Maybe if Neo and Trinity’s consciousness’ have been transferred to new bodies it would be feasible, but that sounds like something that might stretch even the supremely pliable boundaries of the Matrix. A lot of fans don’t care, they’re simply happy to see another movie coming out when in truth the third one had one of the best endings apart from the first movie, where it was left open-ended and allowed the audience to stretch their imaginations and just wonder how the story would eventually end, or if it ever would. Maybe that’s a personal feeling, but some stories should have a definitive stopping point while others are easier to enjoy when they’re left up to the individual to imagine just how things would have gone had the movie continued.

One problem among several with bringing The Matrix back is the story line and the possibility that there’s another big bad out there like Agent Smith or worse that will force the humans and the machines to work together, or the machines and humans are at one another’s throats again in an attempt to settle once and for all who’s the most dominant life form. It’s already been seen that the machines aren’t shy about doing what they need to do, at least insofar as to reduce the number of humans down to a prime number before allowing them to build up once again. Some people still don’t want to believe that theory is correct, that it was a blatant lie to confuse Neo, but given that the Architect wasn’t the only one to mention his predecessors it’s easy to think that it wasn’t a lie, but instead as the stark truth that no one had ever discovered until that moment. That unfortunately would mean that even with some differences to come, this next movie could be the ‘reboot’ of the Matrix that so many people talk about, though the destruction of Zion would be the inevitable result of such an event since this is how the system was governed before the movies we enjoyed were created apparently. Sarah Szabo of Looper has a few more things to say on the matter.

If The Matrix is to keep its appeal, first the crew might want to think about how to pull off the practical effects without collateral damage that will cost the locations they’re in thousands of dollars, and second, the idea should be that something very different has occurred and widespread death and destruction should be what Neo is out to avoid this time around. Without a whole lot to go on at the moment the idea that two of the characters that died in the previous movie are coming back and taking on the same roles is still messing with a lot of people since death is a pretty natural thing in a lot of movies and usually only gets thwarted when time travel or some other method is involved. The manner in which Trinity and Neo met their end was pretty final, so how Lana Wachowski is bringing them back begs for an explanation, and at this point it’d be great to get something even though the movie won’t be released until 2021. Jen Glennon of Inverse had more to say on this. It’d be great to get at least a tidbit of how this is going to come to pass, but then again it might actually ruin the surprise since a lot of people have a serious case of needing to spread the word around. That being the case it’s going to be interesting to see how many more theories are brought up as the months roll by and people continue to anticipate what will happen when the Matrix returns and we’re once again sucked into the machine world where nothing is real no matter what it looks like.

At the very least Wachowski isn’t likely to say that the ending to the third movie was a fake-out and that Neo and Trinity have been alive the entire time. If that had any chance of happening it would be one of the worst mistakes possible since the fans have already roasted those that have attempted to mess with the continuity of their favorite movies. Until we know more the guessing game is going to have to continue.

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