Mark My Words: Someone is Going to Die From Watching “It”

I’ve never really been a far of horror films.  Actually I don’t mind the ones that don’t make you jump out of your seat.  Like I can take a gross and gory film as long as doesn’t have those “surprise” moments where a phone rings out of nowhere or something comes unexpectedly.  I just hate that.   I just felt like bringing that up because there’s something about It that makes me want to see the movie.  I know it’s going to have “jump out of your seat” moments but I don’t care.  A movie that looks this scary?  I don’t know if I can pass it up.   Also, given my fear of clowns I feel it might even be therapeutic.

On the other hand, sure it could scar me for life but seriously, how could you NOT watch what might be one of the freakier and scarier movies of all-time?  And another thing.  This movie is NOT for everyone.  Even for horror fans.  I’m making this call right now and I’m not doing it to be funny or dramatic.  Someone is going to die watching this film.   I’m telling you right now.  Someone is going to have a heart attack during a scene in this movie.   I sincerely hope no one does in fact die watching It, but I fear it’s inevitable.

P.S. I can’t stand typing sentences with the word It in italics to symbolize the film.  It gets extremely confusing when you read it (IT IT IT IT).  See how easily IT is used in a sentence?  Arghghhgh!!!!

I think I’ve watched this trailer 100 times now.

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