Mark Hamill Says Luke Doesn’t Turn to the Dark Side in The Last Jedi

Mark Hamill Says Luke Doesn’t Turn to the Dark Side in The Last Jedi

Did you think that the Jedi were going to end because Luke Skywalker would go to the Dark side? Shame on you for thinking that, though in the comics, which yes, are non-canon now, Luke did manage to slip over to the Dark side at one point. However he had his own motives for doing this and made his redemptive return eventually. In the movies he’s always resisted the Dark side, though he has been hampered by his own reckless and impulsive manner as was seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Never once has Luke gone to the Dark side however, but he’s definitely had his chances.

Luke Skywalker believed himself the last of the Jedi in an age when the Order had all but vanished. There were surely more than a few that were left after Order 66, but by the time Luke came into his abilities they had all but disappeared, taking oaths to stay away from the dealings of the universe for good in some cases. When Yoda decided to train Luke he knew that he was taking on a dangerous risk that could have turned out very differently. Yet for all that he knew of Luke’s father and what had happened he also knew that there was a strong sense of order and justice in Luke that surpassed that of Anakin Skywalker.

At one time Luke was a very positive character. He believed in order, justice, and in doing the right thing. But since Return of the Jedi his character has always been seen as troubled, and in some cases almost forlorn, as though he is continually missing something that should be there. During The Force Awakens we get the idea that he is haunted by the fact that he made a very poor decision in training Ben Solo, that the destruction of his academy and his students could have been avoided. He went into seclusion not long after and remained their for years to follow perhaps thinking that he had failed those that had looked to him for guidance. He became a hermit that was continually tortured with the thought of what he should have done to prevent the horror that came his way.

Now in The Last Jedi we’re presented with the idea that it’s time for the Jedi to end. That line alone is making people wonder if Luke is going to flip to the Dark side, which is kind of naive really. If you look at it, Luke is the last active Jedi in the universe at that point, though his activity is next to nothing. The fact that Rey’s raw power scares him so badly is what makes me think that it could be Rey who could possibly flirt with the Dark side if anyone does. After all her own past isn’t the happiest of them all and she has a lot of reason to lash out against those that were supposed to protect her and keep her safe, whoever they might be revealed as.

I think at this point it’s just a waiting game to see what happens. But one thing is certain, Luke is not going to the Dark side.

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