The Top Five Marion Cotillard Movie Roles of Her Career

Marion Cotillard is quite a busy woman since she’s an actor, musician, environmentalist, and a spokesperson for Greenpeace. How she keeps all of that in line is hard to fathom but it’s obvious that she’s found a way to keep it all in working order throughout the years as she’s established a very prominent career. To date her accomplishments are likely more notable on film since she’s been seen in some of the hottest titles and played at least a few characters that are easily remembered.

Not every film she’s been in has been awesome but her role has always been spot on and impressive.

5. Assassin’s Creed-Dr. Sofia Rikkin

This movie wasn’t received very well but the parts played by the characters were impeccable for the most part and Marion’s role was that of the doctor who believed that her work was going to benefit mankind. Of course in a war between the Assassin’s Guild and the Templar Knights, two sworn enemies, any amount of research taken for one side is going to provoke the other into attempting to stop such advances.

4. Public Enemies-Billie Frechette

The days of John Dillinger were fast, loose, and filled with gunfire it seems so anyone sticking within his orbit was bound to get hurt in one way or another. Of course when you fall for a noted gangster and wanted man it’s inevitable that you’re going to wind up either locked up yourself or sharing a slab at the end if things go sideways. In any case those days were there and gone so fast that all those involved had were the moments they enjoyed.

3. The Dark Knight Rises-Talia al Ghul

She was truly the daughter of Ras al Ghul since she took an interest in Bruce and sought to break him down without ever showing her face until the end. Using Bane was a stroke of genius since he was tough, smart, and proved that he could take on the one hero that so many others believed was invincible for so long. The final reveal that she gave was one that sent chills up the spines of a few people even if it was expected.

2. Inception-Mal Cobb

Mal was kind of the ghost in the machine so to speak, as she was Cobb’s weakness and his guilt rolled up into the form of his deceased wife. She did what she could to trip him and his team up and made sure that he was able to feel every little ache and pain that his heart had known since her suicide. It’s hard to get over anything like this when your mind simply won’t let the past go. In this manner however the past is just a figment and as hard to erase as smoke.

1. Allied-Marianne Beausejour

This would be one of the ultimate tests of loyalty. Where would you turn and would you pick the fate of your country over the love of your life? No one should ever have to make this choice, but it would be something that many people would feel torn about.

Even if a few of her movies weren’t thought to be that great she’s put in an awesome performance.

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