Why Do So Many People Think Sally Field Died?

Just so we’re clear, Sally Field is not dead. For some reason the rumor was put online, you know, where it can do the most damage, that Sally Field had passed away years ago. Her mother passed away some time ago due to cancer, but Sally is alive and well and still acting at the age of 71. Some folks think she died before the year 2000 and some think she died sometime after the turn of the century. That would be amazing really since she’s done a fair amount since then. The big deal about all this is that celebrity deaths are becoming, or have already been, another trend that some people seem to think is hilarious and have been spreading for a while now.

Other actors that have been presumed dead over the years include Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Morgan Freeman, and many, many others that people might be devastated about if the reports were actually true. But despite the earth-rending news that is doled out every now and again there’s no truth to them at all. When a celebrity goes it’s usually a big deal, at least enough that the world is told even if they don’t remember the person. But for someone like Sally Field, who’s been an icon in her time and a beloved actress in the current era, the news would go over much the same way as it did when celebrities such as Carrie Fisher and Prince passed away. There might not be quite as much fanfare and carrying on but it would be a sad day all the same. Sally Field is after all one of the many actors that has seen a career that has just about ruined her and yet has immortalized her in so many ways that her name is hard to forget.

She’s had a very interesting career from her days in Smokey and the Bandit to Norma Rae to Steel Magnolias and then even to Aunt May in the Amazing Spider-Man. Throughout all of it she’s given her best and received criticisms that have been good to just flat out scathing in some cases. The great thing about Sally Field however is that she tends to push through all of it and just do her job, which she seems to absolutely love. She’s gone from the big screen to the small screen and then back and forth a few times as her job dictates and she’s always managed to make her presence felt in a very big way. Why anyone would bother confusing people by stating that she’s dead is hard to imagine, but once again it’s a trend that’s been set and one that many celebrities have been trying to work against. In some ways it would seem that some people are trying to actively phase certain celebrities out of the spotlight but so far it hasn’t really worked.

The numerous searches that have gone on since Sally Field was pronounced dead online have only managed to garner a small amount of support thankfully, since there are still those that will wait for an official report before believing such a thing.

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