Making the Argument for a Gus Fring Spinoff Show

Making the Argument for a Gus Fring Spinoff Show

Making the Argument for a Gus Fring Spinoff Show

It does feel as though this idea has been pushed before and people have listened, but haven’t really done anything about it. Gus Fring was THE bad guy in Breaking Bad for a while, and it’s largely because he had such a sense of calm to him that it was absolutely eerie to think about. The only downside would be that if a show about Gus was made it would need to be pushed quickly since Giancarlo Esposito isn’t getting any younger, and it’s fair to say that he’s bound to be busy since he’s also been working on The Mandalorian as Moff Gideon. As far as villains go though, Gus Fring was one of the more terrifying since he had a way about him that was downright scary since he’s the kind of guy that could kill a person and not bother cracking a smile since for all he cares, it’s all about business. The fact that he had Walter and Jesse working for him and was absolutely ruthless in the process is only another mark in his favor since it proves that he’s the type that can easily divorce emotion from business when he wants and won’t think twice about having someone killed if there’s a purpose to it. His death was absolutely brutal, not mention lamented by some folks that thought keeping Gus around could have been a good idea.

Esposito is hosting The Broken and the Bad, a docu-series that will feature real-world cases that mirror the show Breaking Bad, so it’s obvious that he’s a bit busy at this time and a Gus Fring show might not be entirely possible. But maybe creating a spinoff that shows a young Gus coming up in the business would be possible. All the show would need is a great writer and a younger actor that looks enough like Giancarlo to make it work. It’s hard to say if such a thing would ever happen since tampering with the tale of Gus Fring is something that might be kind of delicate considering that so many people know about it and a lot of people happen to like the tale the way it is, including what they already know of the character and his involvement in the meth business. Messing around with characters and their stories is something that carries a lot of risk, but can pay off in a big way if everything is done right and certain elements are kept. With Gus, it might be wise to fill in any possible blanks that might further the story, or else go back a number of years for various flashbacks to see just how Gus became the man he was in Breaking Bad. For those that still haven’t seen the show, this might be the time to go back and brush up on the guy and who he really was.

Out of all the characters on the show, and there were plenty to pick from, Gus feels like one that is worth a little more introspection since he’s the type that one can honestly see being worth a spinoff, along with a couple of other individuals that might be kind of interesting. There are quite a few people that would agree with this, but many of them would probably agree that the story would need to be carefully crafted in order to keep the continuity of the show since otherwise there are a lot of folks that would lose their minds simply because things didn’t match up the way they wanted. There are simply too many folks out there that depend on their stories connecting in a way that makes perfect sense and apparently don’t believe that a storyline can take a jog in another direction from time to time that they might not have expected. These are the folks that will watch episode by episode and analyze every minute of footage in order to make certain that things line up the way they’re supposed to. And heaven forbid if they don’t, since it will be a huge conspiracy that’s written up almost immediately after. Breaking Bad was one conspiracy after another as many would state since it depended heavily on whose perspective was being used when it came to the telling of the story. Just imagine how it all looked from Gus’s point of view, and how things went so terribly wrong so quickly.

If there is ever a spinoff show with Gus Fring as the main subject it’s likely that it could be one of the more popular shows that came from the main story, along with Better Call Saul. But if we get to see it then a lot of people might consider it a small miracle in the making. Things could possibly happen to make it possible though.

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