Major Rey Lightsaber Theory Has been Confirmed

Rey Lightsaber

Admit it, you kind of thought this had more to do with the red lightsaber that Rey was seen holding than anything, right? Well according to Corey Plante of Inverse this is more or less a sign that Star Wars isn’t holding true to the idea of Sith and Jedi any longer. Binaries just don’t seem to be the thing these days as absolutes, once the province of the Sith in the Star Wars franchise, now seem to be a thing of the past, or so the theory seems to hold in this case. The Rey that we’ve seen holding a double-ended lightsaber is theorized to be a clone, as is Rey herself, but the color of the saber doesn’t seem to matter since she might not be a Jedi or Sith, just another Force user that will utilize whatever tool she can get her hands on. This change might not sit well with a lot of fans but as you can already tell from The Last Jedi things are changing in a big way and if people don’t like it then the directors don’t seem to care all that much. Whether this affects the franchise or not is hard to tell since the numbers have continued to go up no matter how many people have chimed in.

Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb however speaks more about the lightsaber that has had more history throughout the franchise than many other weapons, the reconstructed lightsaber of Luke Skywalker, which once upon a time belonged to Anakin Skywalker. This weapon has seen a lot of wear and tear and unfortunately it did break under the strain that Rey and Kylo Ren put on it during TLJ when they were trying to wrest it from each other following their fight with the red armored guards in the throne room. Apparently though Rey gathered the pieces and reconstructed it, creating new bindings that were able to piece the saber back together and return it to functionality. One has to wonder if it’s a completely sound weapon this time or if it’s going to fail at the wrong moment during the movie, but like many iconic parts of this franchise it seems likely that adopting the out with the old and in with the new is the way that things are bound to go since that’s been kind of the feeling since The Force Awakens. It’d be nice to say that everything that has come along thus far has been flawless and without fault, but there have been a few missteps in the Star Wars movies as of late, and simply sending Luke off as an aging and reluctant hermit seemed to be one of the biggest ones when an epic showdown between him and Kylo Ren, or perhaps even Luke versus Snoke would have been a better sendoff. Of course opinions vary over who was more powerful in the Force, Luke or Snoke.

Focusing instead on the movie to come and not the hypothetical ‘what if’ situations, it does look as though the Resistance is in serious trouble since their numbers have been so greatly depleted and their resources have gone the same way. The First Order, despite losing a good portion of their fleet to the hyperspace dash that was executed so perfectly in TLJ, are still overwhelmingly powerful and have a huge number of resources to draw from and the fact that they’re absolutely ruthless and don’t care who they hurt when it comes to obtaining anything else they might happen to need. This definitely gives them the edge since the Resistance is not even close to being like the Rebellion of old, meaning they haven’t yet shown that they can get just as nasty or down and dirty as their predecessors did in order to get things done. Something seems to indicate this is more of a Disney trait that’s coming through in the movie, but then again you’ve got to remember that Rogue One was under Disney too, and it was in this movie that the audience was shown the extremes to which the Rebellion would go to get what they needed.

It’s enough to think that in this coming movie that the Resistance might need to lower themselves and their standards just a bit in order to really meet the First Order on a battlefield that’s not so obviously stacked against them. If this happens it might win back a few fans and let them remember what makes Star Wars great isn’t confined to a few elements, but has to do with the desperation that breeds the kind of actions that aren’t always agreeable but are still necessary to survive. That’s another theory as well as a desire however, but it’s a big hope that the next movie will be a nonstop thrill ride that will close out the trilogy with a bang.

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