The Five Best Zoey Deutch Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Zoey Deutch Movies of Her Career

Zoey Deutch is among the many that you might think about confusing with someone else until you see their movies and realize that she is very different from anyone else and has her own sense of style and ability. She did start off as a Disney kid and stayed there for a while, but it wasn’t long until she finally started getting her big break into movies and began to experience a run of success that led her to where she is now, as one of the hottest up and coming actresses that is on the scene at the moment and someone that is quite vibrant as well as realistic in what she does. If you watch her performances you’ll see that she tends to be a little more into her part than some of her costars and almost seems to tuck into her role as though she’s not acting, but instead just being herself.

Here are some of the best movies from her career so far.

5. Dirty Grandpa

Somehow this movie didn’t really get the best reviews and in some cases it even got called one of the worst movies ever. But to be honest it was hilarious most of the way through. De Niro playing a dirty-minded grandpa that just wants to take his grandson and have a good time makes for a pretty decent movie since it allows Zac Efron to show off his ripped physique yet again and a little more character development as he goes from being a wet blanket to a guy that finally knows what he wants to do with his life. Along the way of course there has to be a few misadventures, like smoking crack and having penises drawn on his face. You know, standard comedy stuff.

4. Why Him?

The point that no man is ever going to be good enough for your little girl is one that every father with daughters has to deal with at some point and time. If you’re a good dad they grow up thinking that you’re the best until they meet that guy that they fall in love with and want to spend the rest of their lives with. That’s not such a bad thing really unless you meet them and decide that they’re more or less a giant nut that has no business being around your daughter. Of course that’s your daughter’s decision to make and for most dads this is a very hard thing to realize and own up to.

3. Flower

Erica is the kind of person that seems to do things without thinking them through all the time and yet somehow feels that she’s doing the right thing since her heart is in the right place. Of course becoming a prostitute to help out your dad when he’s struggling with money issues and then agreeing to confront a teacher based on the word of your new stepbrother that he’s a sexual predator are kind of big decisions to be made. Of course when you’re young the whole planning phase doesn’t always seem to hold up to the emotional output that such injustices seem to spark in some folks.

2. Set It Up

This is kind of funny since it involves two people that are actively trying to set up their overbearing bosses to date one another and fall in love so as to make their lives easier, but in the process they start getting closer. As you can imagine things tend to fall apart after a while since the two bosses realize they don’t have that much in common and begin to drift apart, thereby ruining the plan and making things much worse for the workers. By the end though the bosses are going their own way and the workers are being drawn closer and closer together, which seems to have been happening all on its own anyway.

1. Before I Fall

Time loops in movies are usually quite tragic or insanely funny, and in this one the tragedy is that Sam doesn’t get to walk off into the metaphorical sunset after saving the woman that would have ended the lives of her and her friends after committing suicide. But what she comes to realize as the loop goes on and on is that the perfect life she thought she had is nothing more than an illusion that is standing in front of the life that she could have had if her eyes had been fully opened. By the time she finally discovers how to stop the loop from happening she realizes that the life she now has is something worth having. The sad part is that she doesn’t get any more of it.

Zoey Deutch is pretty talented but still making her way up the ranks it would seem. If she keeps on this current path there’s no doubt she’ll be racking up some nominations and awards soon.

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