10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucy Punch

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucy Punch

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lucy Punch

Lucy Punch is one of those actors you might take for granted since she’s in so much but doesn’t come front and center unless the script calls for it. She does play great parts and she is good at what she does, but in Hollywood it’s all about who gets the most notice and while she gets some it’s not always enough to remember she’s there. There’s no doubt that she has enough fans that know who she is and what she’s been in, but unlike the stars of the shows and movies she’s frequented you can imagine that she’s seen as the person that you know you’ve seen before but you can’t place. There are a lot of these individuals in show business and they all deserve the credit they need in order to be known, it’s simply a matter of pointing them out to people at times and telling just what they’ve done to earn this recognition. Even then a lot of people are going to look past them in order to see the well-established stars that grace the covers of movies and are more prominent in TV shows.

She deserves more than just a shout out. Here are some of the things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s played a version of Cinderella’s stepsister in four movies.

Somehow the wicked stepsister is the part that she seems to get picked for a lot. Maybe it has something to do with how well she plays a wicked person or maybe it’s something she aspired to, but she does play the part quite well and apart from not being an ugly stepsister she certainly doesn’t hesitate to let her talents shine.

9. She dropped out of college to become an actress.

There seems to be little difference between those that finished school and those that didn’t when it comes to actors. The biggest difference is that those that do finish have degrees and other things in their lives to fall back on whenever they decide to retire or when they have the time. Of course those that drop out can always go back if they become successful enough and finish what they started, if they want to.

8. She stars in the Netflix show A Series of Unfortunate Events.

This show has certainly been generating more buzz than the movie with Jim Carrey did, but it could be that it’s a lot more in-depth and covers a lot more of the story that was set down for the trio of kids that drive the whole thing forward.

7. She’s been acting since 1998.

She’s not a rookie by any means and knows her way around Hollywood. It could be that her status as an actor is where it’s at simply choice since it could be that she likes not being in the spotlight as much and prefers to work without being mobbed wherever she goes.

6. She’s in Dinner for Schmucks.

There’s no easy or kind way to put it when talking about her character in this movie. Darla is quite simply a FREAK when it comes to her getting what she wants. What she wants is for Paul Rudd’s character to get together with her and take their relationship into a whole new level, but Rudd of course is already in a meaningful relationship that Darla can’t accept. She’s pretty vindictive when it comes to getting what she wants.

5. She’s in Hot Fuzz.

Any film with Simon Pegg AND Nick Frost is going to be somewhat crazy and this film did not disappoint when it came to this. Now the idea of an entire town being in on a secret like this is something bizarre even it’s not entirely unheard of, but it worked on a level that should have made this film a lot more popular than it became.

4. She was in Into the Woods.

Playing a wicked stepsister seems to be her lot when it comes to some movies, but in this one it gets a little more awkward since her mother cuts off part of her heel to make the slipper fit, while she cuts her sister’s big toe off for the same reason.

3. She became a mother in 2015.

A lot of women seem to be having kids later. It makes some sense to have your career come first but some younger mothers manage it all the same. It’s all a matter of when you want kids really.

2. She performed in a youth theater for four years.

So stepping into acting instead of college wasn’t a big stretch as she’d had at least a little practice. Chances are she’d gotten a taste for it and wanted more.

1. She enjoys eating local cuisine wherever she’s at.

If she’s in a city or region where the cuisine is something different then she’s going to eat that, she enjoys eating local foods.

She’s very much there when it comes to being in a production, even if you have to stop and look to recognize her.

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