Lucifer: Maze Is Framed For Murder. Charlotte Learns the Truth.

Lucifer: Maze Is Framed For Murder. Charlotte Learns the Truth.


I have seen people get framed for something that they didn’t do. I never thought that I would see a demoness from Hell get framed. On tonight’s episode of Lucifer, Maze becomes suspect number one as Deckerstar are thrust into the world of bounty-hunting. In addition, Amenadiel also tells Charlotte the truth about her missing time.

The episode begins with Maze tearing Detective Decker’s kitchen apart as Lucifer comes in. She tells him that she forgot one of her knives. Consequently, both the Devil and I thought that she misplaced her Hell-forged blades. It turns out we were both wrong. It’s Earth-made. Possibly in a place called China. Furthermore, Maze also tells her former master that she wants to go back home to Hell. She said that she’s tired of caring for humans and feeling emotions after everything that’s happened with Amenadiel and Dr. Martin.

On the one hand, I understood Lucifer’s refusal to take Maze on a “celestial Uber ride” as the detective almost died the last time he did so, but on the other, I feel sorry for the demoness for all that she had been through. I almost cried along with her when she told Lucifer that she’ll always be a consolation prize to him. He will never put her first because Detective Decker has taken over that spot in his heart. It’s okay, Mazikeen! Time heals all wounds! You have all the time in the world, so you’re good! I’m secretly hoping that she and Amenadiel will get together as a result, but that’s just me.

As for the case of the week, the victim is one of Maze’s bounties. The knife used to stab the victim belongs to the demoness. That and she was seen on the security footage. Seems like Maze is responsible but we know that Maze isn’t the type to kill. She only tortures. Then again, all the evidence seem to point to her.

Meanwhile, Detective Decker and Lt. Pierce/Cain grow a bit closer. They almost kissed in the latter’s office had not Lucifer barged in and interrupted the moment. It’s reminiscent of the Stewardess Interruptus episode, and I had to chuckle at the irony of it all. Moment aside, it’s heart-wrenching to see Lucifer deal with the fact that his detective is dating Pierce. Yes, he wants to see her happy, though it seems that Lucifer wants to be the person making her happy instead of Mr. World’s First Murderer over there. If that happens, I will be able to say “Finally!”.

Back to the case, Deckerstar interviewed all of Maze’s bounties. Every one of them said that although Maze intimidated them and hurt them, she’s not bad. Moreover, the part where the guy crying over his goldfish being eaten made me sweat-drop. Then again, it was highly amusing to see the two partners laugh together despite their growing tension. My eyes were wide when Detective Decker took off the bullet necklace that Lucifer gave her on her birthday before kissing Pierce in the precinct parking structure. The shipper in me is beyond shocked, however, the writer in me reassures me that everything will be fine for my Deckerstar.

In the end, the person who framed Maze is Margo Channing, the owner of Monte Del Oro winery. She blames Maze for her son Sebastian dying in prison for his crimes and wants the demoness to suffer as he did. I guess a mother’s love knows no bounds.

Speaking of mothers, Charlotte confronted Lucifer and made him tell her the truth about her missing memories. The Devil told her everything, yet I have a sneaking suspicion that she thinks that he’s making it up. Nevertheless, when Lucifer showed the former attorney his wings, #CalledIt, it made her realize that Amenadiel and Lucifer were telling the truth. Most of all, she finally realizes she’s not crazy. I hope that she keeps this information to herself or else she would be checking into a mental institution for sure.

Final Thoughts:

It intrigued me that Maze would turn herself in like that. Then again, her actions made me think that she did it even though she is not the killer.

Impressive play on Orange Is The New Black with the episode title. Got to love those writers!

It’s kind of Lucifer to suggest that Maze blow off some steam. Shame things turned out the way that it did.

Point of Intrigue: Pierce approaches Maze as latter is about to board the bus. He proposed that they work together to get what they want. The question is, will this impromptu partnership work out or blow up in their faces?

Sweat-drop/Eye-roll Moment: Detective Decker is trying to mask the fact that she was out on a date with Pierce. Beach murder? Seriously?

Sweat-drop/Eye-roll Moment #2: Lucifer telling Detective Decker about Pierce/Cain being old. That and pouring the wine into his flask at the winery.

Maze drinks green tea coconut water? Huh. Never thought I’d see that.

Lucifer returns in three weeks with all new episodes. Photo via FOX

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