Louie 1.09 “Bully” review

Louie 1.09 “Bully” review

You know, it’s really nice to see the titular character on Louie not mess up a date. Er, wait a second.

All is going great until he convinces his date to join him for a doughnut and some “watery coffee” and is threatened by some high school jock. His peaceful response to the threats result in a abrupt end to his otherwise stellar date.

“When was the last time you got your ass kicked?” asks Sean, the loudmouth jock.

As Louie politely asks Sean not to beat him up, I both applaud the decision to not have Louie actually fight the kid and shake my head at how common this type of situation is. I’ve thankfully never been on the end of any ass kicking but I’ve seen them happen for remarkably little. Guy A will bump into Guy B on accident and chests are beaten and faces are punched.

This episode gets to the core of what the problem is: upbringing. Louie follows Sean home and brings the threats to the attention of his parents. The father reacts by hitting Sean when Louie comes to his defense. He is absolutely right. This kid would’ve turned out a lot better had he been raised in a more loving environment.

Once again, Louie is light on laughs. However, I can’t stress enough that this is a good thing. The subject matter and jokes presented throughout the series would fail miserably if they were presented in a slap-sticky, “sitcom” manner.

Here’s hoping that this keeps this up next season.

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