Looks Like Another Season of “Prison Break” Is in the Works

Nobody’s confirming anything thus far but it would appear that there is another season of Prison Break in the works. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on which way a person leans in the opinion polls. Personally I’m not certain how a long-running show about a prison break could possibly take this long though with an entire creative team behind the production it’s gone on long enough to satisfy fans. Dominic Purcell, who’s all in to come back for another season, seems to think that things are being worked on as of this moment and he could be right. If there’s a drop of interest to be squeezed out of anything that fans love then the creators are going to do it. Unfortunately that’s not always a good thing.

Purcell could really be jumping the gun at this point and assuming that the Fox studios want anything to do with this when it’s already been admitted by a few people that it might not be the best decision. While there’s no reason to doubt him, and no there isn’t, it still might not be a good idea just because five seasons of the show and a grand finale that had people trying to guess every moment that was to come seems about as good as its bound to get really. Anything more than that feels as though it might be the greed of the studio and the expectation that people will just take whatever the producers want to cram down their throats.

Believe it or not the fans aren’t quite that fickle or that foolish. They want quality programming and won’t settle for less than they’ve already got unless there’s nothing else. And on TV there’s almost always something else to turn to in an effort to be entertained. If Prison Break is going to come back for another season then it needs to be one of the best seasons ever and there needs to be a plot that excites the fans and makes them want to come back to another round with the cast. If that can happen then a season 6 of Prison Break should be nothing less than inspiring and even highly entertaining.

The only issue is what to do now. Things were ended on such a great note in season 5 that the idea of having to go back and do it all over again seems kind ridiculous. This goes right back to my question of how it could take this long to orchestrate a prison break and then make it work. Obviously the writers and creators of the show have made it happen and made fans believe in what they’re selling so far so there’s nothing to say that they couldn’t do it again, it’s simply the concept that sounds mind-boggling at this moment since it doesn’t simply sell it itself after so many seasons.

I could be completely wrong about this but I get the feeling that season 6 of Prison Break is going to be like walking a tight rope for the writers.


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