“The Lodgers” Looks Like it Has Decent Horror Potential

The Lodgers might have some decent horror potential to it if it can survive the initial release at the box office. If it’s just another horror coming out though then it might be best if it just releases and doesn’t really try to compete with anything. After the release of IT at the tail end of last summer any other horror has been hard-pressed to really keep up with the numbers, so it’s been best, unless it’s a blockbuster, to let other horror films just be what they are and don’t expect too much. In terms of how good it could be though it’s got a lot of working elements that might play in its favor when it comes to attracting horror fans.

The humongous house is one of them obviously, since a house of such immensity is always a great spot for horror. There are so many places to hide, so many nooks and crannies that might not be known to the residents and are even less known to those just stepping into the house. Big homes are nice for space and because they can house big families, but in the dark, when the night is pitch black and there’s no light to be seen aside from that which a protagonist, or victim, is carrying, even the most modest shadow can be seen as a looming threat that might jump out at any moment.

The nearby lake and the idea that the family staying in the house has a reputation that locals don’t care for also work in the movie’s favor since this might be seen as a tiresome plot point by some but is still a rock solid premise that never truly goes away. It gives a strong reason why the house is left alone, and why those within it are reluctant to go into town for anything. The lake is obviously a dangerous place that holds some dark, unwanted memory for the main characters, and could be the source of their current woes. So far it’s got enough to go on for any writer to make a killer story out of it, but of course there’s always bound to be more. The more stones you overturn in pursuit of a story the more interesting twists and bends in the path you might discover.

There is a rule that everyone in the house must be in their bedchambers by the stroke midnight, though as of yet it’s not really certain why. In a horror movie though breaking the rules doesn’t seem like a great idea unless there’s a character that tends to bend and even break the rules on a regular basis. That’s usually something you can expect to happen and when it does there’s usually a consequence that people know is coming but are still shocked by.

All in all this movie has the makings of a good horror movie, but without a star cast other than Lord Frey from Game of Thrones, yes I know that’s not his name, I’m not sure how bound it is to be noticed.

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