What is It Like to Direct Medusa’s Hair on “Inhumans?”

What is It Like to Direct Medusa’s Hair on “Inhumans?”

What is It Like to Direct Medusa’s Hair on “Inhumans?”

Some people wear mood rings to tell you what’s going on inside their heads, while others will wear their heart on their sleeves. Medusa of the Inhumans will however show you just how she feels by how her hair reacts to the given situation. While in the comics this is fairly straightforward and can be explained in many different ways and drawn in many different poses, in reality it becomes a bit problematic.

Director Roel Reine even goes on to say:

“…in one shot when Maximus puts his hand on Medusa’s shoulder, the hair must move away. Then when he walks away, the hair must move itself.” (Paur, 2017)

Directing a live actor is hard enough, but directing their hair seems like it would an effort in futility. For one thing the CGI effects that need to be created would be substantial. In this day wires and hooks just wouldn’t work for the simple reason that the character needs to be able to move freely and without being encumbered in any way. So CGI is the only real way for this character, and from the previews thus far it looks like it might work just fine.

Says Reine:

“I pushed it to the limits. For instance, the first time we see Medusa – which I will not spoil – she’s doing something very intimate. What does the hair do at the moment? I pitched what the hair was doing, and then we got this really cool reveal shot, of what she was doing and her hair. That was really tough, one of the toughest shots to pull off in the VFX world.”(Paur, 2017)

It would appear that Medusa’s hair is just about as powerful as it is in the comics and just as skillful under her direction. In the comic books the fiery-haired inhuman queen can lift upwards of a ton or more with her hair, and it is capable of dexterous fine-tuned movements that allow it to act in many ways like an extension of her being. It is driven by both thought and psionic energy, so there is no pressure upon her neck or scalp when she lifts something with it, and it is as strong as steel wire of the same thickness. In other words this woman’s hair is about as strong as one of the MCU’s moderate to heavy hitters.

But how’s it going to look onscreen?

Some believe it will look corny and overdone while others are of the mind that it will look rather impressive when it’s finally revealed. The only real way to judge for yourself however is to go and see the show. While the Inhumans weren’t always the most popular or even well known heroes in the comics they were a group that would pop up now and again to show just how powerful they really are. A lot of times you could see them interacting with the Fantastic Four, and in recent years it’s been seen that they have a place in alternate timelines such as Old Man Logan and World War Hulk.

She might not be the most powerful of the Inhumans, but Medusa is one of the mos interesting.


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