Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Liam Sees Quinn in a New Light

BB recap

On Thursday’s Bold and the Beautiful, we see that Steffy is completely overwhelmed with Wyatt’s gift. We knew she was getting one, but we weren’t sure until we saw it what it is. He gives her a beautiful new motorcycle and she experiences a myriad of emotions. You see, the last time she was on a motorcycle was a long time ago. It’s been since her miscarriage, and she’s afraid to get back on one. Wyatt, though, is not convinced she is too scared to give up a chance to do it again. We think that he’s making a point that she is someone who doesn’t give up for long. Is this his way of telling her that he feels she’s ready to learn that she’s someone who says goodbye to the past and moves on trying things again? Is he trying to use the motorcycle as a way of telling her to get over Liam and move on to him? She’s overwhelmed. Just moments before Wyatt presented her with the gift, she was thinking about Liam and how much she misses kissing him, which happened just moments after she was kissing Wyatt. We think that perhaps she is not feeling it the way that we thought she might at the beginning of the week when she was spending more and more time with Wyatt.

Meanwhile. Quinn has a sleeping Liam with which to contend. What will she do with his amnesia? When he wakes, up, he gives her a huge scare. He says to her that he remembers her, and she momentarily panics. If he remembers who she is, she has a lot of explaining to do as to how he ended up in her cabin and on her couch with what can only be a huge headache. Then he opens his mouth to speak and calls her his guardian angel and she is momentarily relieved that Liam has not even one remote clue who she is. She’s good, for now, with what she’s done, but now she has to figure out a way to get him back to town and real life without ruining his life completely and without actually ruining Wyatt’s chance of getting Steffy all to himself. We have to admit that we are stumped by this one and how she will handle it so that she keeps herself out of trouble.

bold and beautiful recap

Bill has no idea that anything is wrong with Katie when he walks into the office and tries to flirt with her. That’s when Katie drops the bomb that she overheard Brooke tell him that he is the love of her life. She’s angry, but not nearly as angry as she was when she confronted her sister earlier. When Katie tells her husband that her sister will never be someone she trusts again in her life, he tells her that she will change her mind and that he wants them to work through their relationship. She says no, and she tells her husband that she wants Brooke banned from the building. Bill refuses to call and make that happen, and Katie tells him that she will not allow her sister to ruin what is hers.

While Eric is at Brooke’s he has some questions for her. He wants to know more about her relationship with Bill and why she’s still in love with him. He’s out to find out what happened between them, and when Brook tells him that they never physically touched and that it’s just feelings and no actions, he seems very relieved. He was clearly out to find that out himself, and he wants to know more. Brooke is clearly upset and she does not believe Eric when he tries to tell her that Katie will calm down at some point and come to her senses. He is clearly aware of the fact that this will not happen in any way, and that there is not one thing that can be done to relieve the fact that her sister is furious with her and what she’s done. She knows that her sister will never speak to her again. Eric disagrees, but Brooke brushes him off.

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