Let’s Talk about The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy Theory from Rick and Morty

It’s not too often that you get to see a serious moment in a show like Rick and Morty, so the Whirly Dirly Conspiracy Theory is something that you might want to pay attention to just because it actually sheds some light on the show and depicts it as something less than absolutely crazy, at least for a few moments within the madness. It’s one of the only moments that a lot of people should ever remember Rick and Jerry really getting along for any period of time since it’s kind of obvious that the two can’t really stand each other and aren’t exactly compatible. But in keeping with the insanity of the show it does go through a lot of issues in a very short time and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on the way there because let’s face it that’s kind of how the show works and why so many people are so into it.

But let’s examine that just a little bit closer.

Rick and Jerry CAN get along.

Emphasis on “can” and not enough emphasis on whether they want to is important. Jerry is a really needy guy that is kind of a drain on his family and is not the kind of guy that Rick would normally associate with. But as a favor to Morty, who doesn’t want his dad to kill himself after having split with Beth and gone off on his own, Rick takes Jerry to a place where no matter what happens they can’t be killed thanks to a special immortality field. Of course there are areas where one can leave the field and still be entirely vulnerable, but the whole point of taking Jerry there is to let him work through his issues and discover that suicide is not the correct way to do things. At least that seems like what the main point should be, but of course someone shows up that has a problem with Rick and we all know how that goes for the most part. Those that have a problem with Rick tend to have a problem with anyone that happens to be around him too, in one form or another. Jerry’s no exception since when he’s given the chance to betray Rick he walks off instead. Of course he changes his mind, but at least he thought about it.

Neither man is blameless when it comes to their family.

Rick is simply a destructive force that knows what he does and still goes about his business like it’s no big thing. He’s not the kind of person to go back and apologize all that often if at all and will continue to be himself no matter what anyone thinks. Jerry on the other hand is just kind of a resentful jerk that loves to play the guilt game and won’t hesitate to do it on his own family. Between the two of them it’s no wonder that their family is a bit messed up since there’s just too much resentment there. In the real world this kind of resentment tears families apart unless it’s discussed and given a chance to be vocalized by those that are involved. In Rick and Morty’s world however things tend to lean towards continual meltdowns that never seem to stop and are somehow seen as just a natural part of the process.

Somehow, Rick is the least repugnant between the two of them.

That might come as a slight surprise to some people but others should be able to figure it out. Rick is an unrepentant jerk and he knows it. He lives his life the way he wants to and if you get in his way or offer him any kind of inconvenience then chances are he’ll move around you and forget you or you’re going to regret ever taking up even a second of his time. Jerry is just kind of a weakling when it comes willpower and the ability to be a good role model, father, or husband. Guilt kind of rolls off of him radiation and affects anyone it touches in a negative way. Rick at least lives up to the low expectations that people have of him and doesn’t turn back to say he’s sorry. Jerry doesn’t either really but at the same time he expects everyone around him to feel sorry for him and uses that as a weapon in order to get others to feel bad for him. That counts as being the worst person between the two of them any day.

This show is crazy, pure and simple. This episode was perhaps one of the only ones that makes sense to both diehard fans and those that might just watch when there’s nothing on since it deals with issues that are beyond the lunacy that it offers. But hey, to each their own, there are enough Rick and Morty fans out there to agree that it’s a great show.

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