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Only months have passed in the Star Wars universe since the Bad Batch escaped the Empire and left behind their companion, Crosshair, while taking on one mercenary mission after another and running afoul of the likes of Fennec Shand and Cad Bane. But it’s been much longer for fans waiting for the group to return and to see them take off across the galaxy to make a living once again, and it’s bound to be an exciting reunion this coming January when the group returns to Disney+. Already it looks as though the mercs are going to be taking on new missions that will put them in harm’s way as they seek to procure one item or another and find themselves at the mercy of whatever creatures or individuals might seek to oppose them. Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Omega quickly made it clear that they were out to do whatever it took to survive and make their way in a galaxy that had been turned on its ear when Order 66 was given, and as the trailer shows, they’re bound to have a few run-ins with the other clones and with the Empire now and then. 

It looks as though other planets and groups will also be seeking to defy the Empire

This is a great reminder to a lot of fans that the Empire might have upended the Republic, but it wasn’t as much of a grand sweep as it was a snatch-and-grab since many systems didn’t want to bow to the Empire, especially those that had been fighting the Republic that it supplanted. Many planets didn’t want to trade one supposed dictator for one that was going to dominate everything he touched so obviously. In this regard, it’s bound to be seen that a lot of factions will oppose the Empire, even if they’re not entirely sympathetic to the plight of the clones. Just because they share a common enemy doesn’t mean that mercenaries and the rest of the galaxy are going to band together. It might happen if they shared the need to survive, but that usually takes a monumental effort. 

There will be at least a few mentions and appearances by Force-users and Jedi

The trailer already noted that Crosshair has a distinct disdain for the Jedi since they’ve been smeared following Order 66 as would-be conquerors that staged a coup on the Republic and were foiled thanks to the military might that was called upon. Despite the diabolical nature of the attack, it was pretty smart since it turned the Jedi into villains and weaklings. At the same time, while they were seen as trying to take over, they were also seen as far too weak to do so. After fighting on so many fronts during the Separatist war, it became easier for Palpatine to eliminate many of the remaining Jedi, thereby paving the way for his rule without as much opposition. But it does appear that at least one or more Jedi might be making an appearance in this season. 

The Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

credit: The Bad Batch

Omega appears to have gained a great deal of confidence

The young female clone grew up quite a bit in the first season regarding her dedication and resolve, but she was still a bit sensitive when tackling certain situations by the end of the first season. In season 2, it would appear that she’s more resolute and ready to dish out the pain when she needs to help her companions and survive. Despite being the youngest member of the group, she is an invaluable ally and someone that is smart enough to help bolster the group with her skills and knowledge, and what she doesn’t know, she can learn and pick up from the rest of the group. After all, they took a liking to her after a while and taught her a great deal about surviving. Plus, she became a fan favorite during the past season, as her optimism and innocence helped balance out the group significantly. 

It looks as though the Wookies are going to take a stance this season

That’s a big assumption after seeing one young Wookie in the trailer. However, it’s fair to state that the Wookies might still find ways to fight and aid the rebellion that is seen to be building shortly after Revenge of the Sith since the proud race has a lot of payback to dish out to the Empire after being enslaved and worked to death in large groups. There are at least a few Jedi among the Wookies, and they are great allies in any scuffle. 


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