The Lengths Charlie Sheen Went to Hide his HIV

How is this guy still walking free? Oh, right, he’s a celebrity. I’m not talking about the subject of rape rumors on Corey Haim, which should also be taken into account, or the dangerous game he’s been playing since being diagnosed with HIV four years before actually coming clean about it. The guy has been in trouble on and off for years now and he gets off with a slap on the wrist as he pays off whatever bond he needs to and goes free to go ahead and do something messed up again. Please don’t ask me to feel sorry for him, or accept any words saying that he can’t help himself. This is a guy that had to be escorted by police back to a rehab clinic when he tried to run away. He’s also the guy that paid extortionists roughly $10 million dollars to keep his HIV status a secret. How in the world is he not in jail???

Right, back to the celebrity thing. He’s got issues, there’s no doubt of that, and he’s had them for a good long while. Either he’s got no interest in getting and staying clean, or his brain is a fried egg at this point and the only thought he has is to go back to what made him feel good. No judgment here, no matter what is said. There doesn’t need to be simply because he’s made so many horrible choices that all a person has to do is look them up and report on them. Charlie Sheen was at one point a very noted actor and was a popular person, but even then it seems like he had a slew of problems that he couldn’t get over.

He’s done some positive things to be sure. He has given his time and money to several charities, so it’s easy to say that Charlie Sheen isn’t the devil in disguise. He’s simply a man that has made some very messed-up decisions in his life. To be honest he should have been in jail a numerous amount of times and should probably be there now if only to let him know that there are worse consequences than anything he’s faced thus far for failure to follow the laws of the United States. But again he’s a celebrity and can afford to be represented by those that can find loopholes that allow him to remain free. See how that seems to be a trend?

I’ll admit to having liked Charlie Sheen for a lot of years. I laughed when he performed, I still laugh at his older stuff, but upon seeing what he’s like now and what’s been going down in his life as of late it’s hard to laugh with him anymore.

The party’s got to end sometimes, and the check’s got to be paid.

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