Legends of Tomorrow: Rip is still held hostage. Professor Stein enlists help from Lily

Legends of Tomorrow

We all want to change history in some way. Whether it’s to fix the mistakes of our past or to make improvements in our futures. On tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, it seems that beating time is on the to-do list. Well, for the two former League of Assassins members anyway.

I feel sorry for Rip in this episode. Damien Darhk tortured him to get the whereabouts of the Spear of Destiny. He even went as far as digging out a tooth from Captain Hunter’s mouth. I grimaced when I watched that scene, and I have seen some gruesome torture scenes. The tooth contains the number of a safe deposit box stored at a bank in Switzerland. Leave it to the English to come up with inventive ways to hide their personal information.

Then came the planning of the bank heist. It’s not an easy task when both Darhk and Malcolm think that they’re better than the other. The two ended up in a sword fight League of Assassins style to which I briefly thought that the show was going to have Darhk and Malcolm make out. Thankfully, no lip-locking occurred after said sword fight, and no blood was shed either (unless you count the slash on Darhk’s arm).

Rip (or Phil, whichever works), along with Malcolm and Darhk then arrived at the bank. Phil almost got through to the vault and the deposit box, but there’s just one thing: a passcode is needed to open the vault. Yeah, you guessed it, Phil doesn’t know the code. Hello, chaos and bloodshed courtesy of Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlin!

Meanwhile, aboard the Waverider, the team has separated into groups to solve two problems. One, what does the medallion do and two, who is the speedster that they encountered in Los Angeles? Mick suggested that they use the emblem as leverage to rescue Captain Hunter. Professor Stein, however, offers to recruit his daughter Lily to help solve the mystery of the medallion. She quickly figures out the medallion reacts to an ionic charge. Once she’s on board the Waverider, she and Ray connected the artifact to Gideon’s mainframe, who’s able to process the zettabytes of data and began figuring out where the Spear of Destiny may be located. Thank you, doctors!

Speaking of Lily Stein, Mick accidentally let slip that the former is a time aberration. The young woman confronted her father about the matter, and things went downhill from there. Jefferson tried to make Professor Stein come to his senses and talk to his daughter about his feelings. I laughed when the professor told Jefferson not to call him ‘dude.’ It reminded me of what Harvey Specter said to Mike Ross in the first season of Suits. Professor Stein managed to make peace with his little girl in the end (yay) and told her that he’s one-half of Firestorm. Lily laughed it off like it was a joke. Oh, you laugh now, Lily Stein, wait until you see your old man in action!

I loved the fact that Phil was able to turn Darhk and Malcolm against Eobard. He told them that Reverse Flash treats them like the henchmen that they are. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly reference was on point, which leads Darhk and Malcolm to bring Eobard down to their level. Phil almost managed to escape when the two villains returned to the bank, only to be stopped by Eobard. The poor guy can never catch a break, can he?

The Legends were able to figure out who the speedster is. Nate had an epiphany and realized that the speedster they’re looking for doesn’t exist. He is a time aberration, just like Professor Stein’s daughter Lily and in order to continue existing before time catches up and sets in stone, he has to run away from it, which makes his mission difficult to accomplish without getting non-speedsters to help him.

Back at the bank, the contents of the safe deposit box turned out to be a memory disc that contained Captain Hunter’s memories. After helping Eobard elude Black Flash, the three of them return to their lair and starts messing with the good captains’ memories. They made his past self kill General Washington. Wait till Ichabod Crane hears about this!

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