10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lee Swift

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lee Swift

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lee Swift

“The Circle,” is an interesting concept. The Netflix series is all about the competition in which a person can enter under the premise of being exactly who they are, or they can pretend to be someone else. Lee Swift is a man who is all about being someone else. He’s on the show, and he’s pretending to be someone he is not. He’s pretending to be his friend Lee Swift, and that is something that is going over in a manner that is very interesting to the people who are watching. Fans are curious who he is and what he is up to, so we thought we might bring everything we know to you.

1. He is an Author

He’s pretending to be an author on the show, but many people are surprised to find out he is also an author in real life. He writes using a pen name, however, so many of his fans are unaware it is him. He writes under the name Kris Cook. He writes erotic novels.

2. He Is In His 50s

Lee Swift is a man who has been around the block a time or two. He is a man in his late 50s. We don’t know his actual date of birth, but we do know that he is 58 as of April 2021. He might be 59 later this year, but he may also have just turned 58 since the year began.

3. He is A Texan

He’s a bonafide Texan. He was not born and raised in the Dallas area, but he is proud of his heritage. He was born and raised in a place called Monett, Missouri. He’s a man who knows a thing or two about growing up in the Texas landscape, and it likely taught him a lot about himself and who he is as a person today.

4. He is A Professional Catfish

The term became popular in recent years. When a person goes online and pretends to be someone they are not, it’s called a catfishing situation. He’s been doing this his entire life thanks to his pen name and his writing career. This is why he made the decision to come onto the show and pretend to be a completely different person when he had the chance. He was a catfish before catfishing was even cool.

5. He is Married

While he doesn’t share much about his own partner in real life, he has been with his partner for more than 32 years. They are happy. They live a good life, and they have never been in a situation where they felt that they had to sit on the internet and pretend to be someone they are not. He did, however, say that his personality on the show is a single man who recently got out of a relationship so that he would not have any flirtatious messages coming his way.

6. He is Using a Real Friend

In real life, Swift is friendly with another man also from Dallas. His name is Doak, and he is the man whose photos Swift is using on the show. He is borrowing his friend’s photos, but also not using his identity. He changed his name, he changed his story, and he changed everything about himself, and he is killing it.

7. He Worked with His Sister

When he began his career as a writer, he often wrote with his sister. Her name is Angelique Torres, and they went on to write many things that worked out well for them at the time. They won awards, they were doing really well, and they were happy to work together. Their screenwriting was well-known and appreciated by most.

8. He Lost His Sister

Sadly, Swift loss his sister in 2003. She was diagnosed with cancer and did not win the battle for her own health. She didn’t make it, but her memory lives on in much of the work that her brother takes on. They were very close, and her loss was a crushing blow to the man who loved her so much.

9. He has a Podcast

When Lee Swift is not busy doing his job writing, he is a man who takes a great deal of pride in hosting his own Podcast. It’s called “Romance Out Loud,” and he doesn’t really leave anything out when he talks about the subject. He is a very open man who has a lot to say, and he certainly has a lot of opinions about many things.

10. He Values His Privacy

While Swift is a relatively open man, he does value his own privacy. He does touch on his own marriage and personal life on his podcast, but he doesn’t spend too much of his time focused on things that he doesn’t feel the entire world needs to hear. He does value the privacy he has in his life, and he is good about keeping it that way.

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