Learn How to Make Movie Popcorn The Hard Way

Learn How to Make Movie Popcorn The Hard Way

First of all, Raisinets on popcorn? I suppose if your taste palette is really that diverse it might work for you, but let’s get into the article. While I’m pretty sure of why this would seem like a mystifying concept to a lot of people, especially millennials that have had a microwave in their home since birth, those of us that grew up camping or didn’t have an air popper for popcorn or even a fully functioning microwave at times kind of had to go a different route when making popcorn. And to make the kind of movie popcorn you got at the theater you really only needed one thing, the Flavacol junk that was readily available to most theaters and never, EVER, seems to go bad. Think about that for a moment, you’re consuming something that essentially has no set expiration date. It probably does but somehow it’s still usable so long as it’s stored correctly.

Anyhow, making popcorn as they do at the movie theater is really no mystery. If you’ve got a pot, some oil, preferably something that’s relatively healthy for you, and a stove or a reliable heat source then you’ve got all you need. If you really want the Flavacol then you can go on Amazon and purchase some for relatively cheap. Chances are you will keep that container in your pantry or cupboard for a good long while since you don’t need to use a ton of it to flavor your popcorn.

You can test whether your oil is hot enough to pop corn or you can go full gonzo and just start popping. The trick is to listen to the pot and give it an occasional shake just to keep things moving so that the kernels don’t stay in one spot where they might eventually start to burn. Of course Alton Brown’s method might actually be a surefire way to get all the kernels popped and not burn a single one but usually it all depends on how attentive you are to the popcorn. If you’re not watching it won’t pop perfectly all on its own. This is a method that’s been used for a long time now, and anyone that hasn’t learned it by now would definitely benefit from picking up the simple dynamics of popping corn.

You can use a metal pot, a metal bowl, or you can go all out and buy the device that is specifically made for things like this and simulates the actual churning of the popcorn maker in the theaters. This way the kernels are always being moved about so that they don’t sit for too long and stand a chance of burning. Of course the device is a little more expensive but if you really care that much about your popcorn experience then it might be worth it. Of course to make it pay for itself you’d have to pop about a dozen bags of popcorn.

And when eating your popcorn please, for the love sense and sensibility, leave the Raisinets out.


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