10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kyndall Inskeep

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kyndall Inskeep

Kyndall Inskeep

Kyndall Inskeep has recently become a topic of conversation after making to the top 13 contestants of the nationally televised singing competition “The Voice.” She was eliminated in the bloodbath that ensued on November 13, 2019, but she placed well for her coach as a member of Team Gwen. Regardless of the fact that she didn’t make it to the final round, she is still a winner because she walks away from the show with some very valuable experience and a lot of exposure to a wider audience. Her career has definitely been given a huge boost and she has a bigger fan base than ever. Here are 10 interesting facts about Kyndall Inskeep that we learned during her time on “The Voice.”

1. Kyndall Inskeep is a unique and refreshing artist

Music is something that most people can relate to because it touches us at the very core of our beings. Kyndall Inskeep has a style that is all her own. She sings in a combination of soul, rock, and country and the way that she infuses these genres together is different and refreshing. When a new artist comes on the scene offering a new take on the old favorites it can be quite refreshing.

2. She has the potential to go far

Inskeep’s powerful vocals and unique tonal qualities give her something a little different to offer to audiences. It just took a few lines to turn chairs at the blind audition for the competition. Her singing has the power to create an immediate resonance and it doesn’t take long to grab your attention. She has the potential to go a long way in her career as a professional singer. We may have witnessed a new star in the making.

3. Kyndall is good with kids

Inskeep previously lived in Fishers, Indiana, but moved to Nashville, Tennessee to be closer to the music scene there that is a haven for artists who are hopeful of carving out a niche for themselves in the country music industry. She’s a pop singer with a country influence. She accepted a position as a nanny nine months ago and she continues to work for a family caring for their four children during the day, and performing her music when she is not on the job.

4. Kyndall has had some tough times in her life

Although she is a lovely and talented girl who seems to have the world on a string, life hasn’t always been joyful or Kyndall. Early in her life, her parents divorced and her father left the home. She shared that he hasn’t been present in her life and she felt abandoned by him, even though her mom remarried. She felt like the odd person out in her family because she had a different last name.

5. She battles anxiety and depression

Kyndall shared that she has had a lot of ups and downs in her life. She didn’t feel that there was anyone in her life that she could depend on but music helped her to get through the tough times. She slipped into a dark depression and required therapy to deal with her personal and very deep emotional pain. Her music became therapeutic and it is something that is always available, even when there isn’t anyone else around. She has a unique delivery in her songs that reaches out and touches listeners because she truly feels the music and she infuses a great deal of emotion into her songs that are indeed powerful.

6. She is already a recorded artist

Kyndal entered “The Voice” as a contestant who has already released her music. In June of 2018, her EP “Famous” was released with five songs on the playlist. She had already achieved a measure of success prior to appearing on the show but the national exposure has been a good thing to broaden her audience.

7. There is a message in her music

After battling with her own personal demons, Kyndall knows the value of having the freedom to say when you are not okay. We all go through ups and downs and life and it’s not always good to just put on a cheerful smile and say that you’re doing great when you’re not. She wrote a song that is called “Hopeless Wonderland” and in the song, she talks about the fact that everyone has at some point in their lives felt  like “grains of sand.” She shares that we should be comfortable telling others when we’re not doing well.

8. Kyndall is also a photographer

Kyndall is an interesting person and she has other talents and avenues for expressing her creativity. She is also a photographer. She takes lovely photographs in addition to being a singer and songwriter. This is just one more way that she brings something beautiful to share with the world around her.

9. She started writing songs at an early age

Kyndall Inskeep was just 8 years old when she wrote her first song. She received a guitar as a Christmas gift and so she learned how to play it so she could compose her own songs. By the time that she was 13 years old, she was posting videos of herself singing. She relocated to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 19. She shared that this is a city that she makes her feel at home. She is still performing her own original music in the evenings.

10. You can follow Kyndall on social media

During the time that Kyndall Inskeep appeared on “The Voice,” she collected a lot of new fans and admirers. If you are interested in following her career, she is available on a variety of social media platforms. You can follower her on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on Instagram. On her Instagram account, she refers to herself as a “pathological optimist,” and as a “free spirit.” She’s made 46 posts on the site and so far she as over 8,700 followers.

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