Kristaps Porzingis Doesn’t Know What A Kazoo Is And Now I Like Him Even More

Kristaps Porzingis Doesn’t Know What A Kazoo Is And Now I Like Him Even More

There isn’t a Knicks fan out there that doesn’t like Kristaps Porzingis.  The only thing I feel bad about is that his nickname is “The Unicorn.”  It just sounds a little too children’s story to me.  Granted the nickname is completely accurate and reflects his abilities, I just don’t like it.  The only time anyone from New York didn’t like this guy was on draft day when he received a resounding amount of boos when his name was called.

But the Latvian wonder took in all in stride and has been nothing but excellent with fans and the media ever since he first stepped onto the court.  There’s every reason to like KP.  Not only does his play speak for itself but he has a confident not cocky heir about him that resonates with all of us.  And if you need more reasons to like this guy, here’s one I found today.  In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Porzingis answered a question that involved a particular instrument.   It went a little something like this:

MD: Finally, the most important question. I know James Dolan is a master of this instrument–but have you ever played the kazoo?

KP: A kazoo? No, never. I don’t even know what it is.

So there you have it.  KP doesn’t know what a Kazoo is and this is awesome.  Why?  Because I can all but guarantee you that any day now there’s going to be a Kristaps Porzingis Kazoo day at the Garden.  If there isn’t there should be.  Also, James Dolan should be taken to a remote island and left there forever.

Want to hate Jim Dolan even more than you do now?  Watch this video


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